Try to find Poppler.

This is a component-based find module, which makes use of the COMPONENTS and OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS arguments to find_module. The following components are available:

Core  Cpp  Qt5  Qt4  Glib

If no components are specified, this module will act as though all components were passed to OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS.

This module will define the following variables, independently of the components searched for or found:


TRUE if (the requested version of) Poppler is available


Found Poppler version


A list of all targets imported by this module (note that there may be more than the components that were requested)


This can be passed to target_link_libraries() instead of the imported targets


This should be passed to target_include_directories() if the targets are not used for linking


This should be passed to target_compile_options() if the targets are not used for linking

For each searched-for components, Poppler_<component>_FOUND will be set to TRUE if the corresponding Poppler library was found, and FALSE otherwise. If Poppler_<component>_FOUND is TRUE, the imported target Poppler::<component> will be defined. This module will also attempt to determine Poppler_*_VERSION variables for each imported target, although Poppler_VERSION should normally be sufficient.

In general we recommend using the imported targets, as they are easier to use and provide more control. Bear in mind, however, that if any target is in the link interface of an exported library, it must be made available by the package config file.

Since 5.19