Packages KApptemplate/KDevelop compatible application templates

This module provides a functionality to package in a tarball and install project templates compatible with the format used by KApptemplate and KDevelop. Useful for providing minimal examples for the usage of the KDE Frameworks.

This module provides the following function:

kde_package_app_templates(TEMPLATES <template> [<template> [...]]
                          INSTALL_DIR <directory>)

INSTALL_DIR is the directory to install the template package to. In most cases you will want to use the variable KDE_INSTALL_KTEMPLATESDIR from KDEInstallDirs.

TEMPLATES lists subdirectories containing template files; each <template> directory will be packaged into a file named <template>.tar.bz2 and installed to the appropriate location.

The template is a minimal source tree of an application as if it was an application project by itself, with names (file names or text inside) the text files replaced by the following placeholders when needed:


name of generated project base folder ex: %{APPNAMELC} for KAppTemplate


project name as entered by user ex: MyKApp


project name in lower case ex: mykapp


project name in upper case ex: MYKAPP


license header for cpp file


license header for h file


author name ex: George Ignacious


author email ex: foo@bar.org


project version ex: 0.1



path of generated project base folder, used in .kdevtemplate with the ShowFilesAfterGeneration entry KDevelop >= 5.1.1 supports relative paths with that entry, making this placeholder obsolete

Multiple templates can be passed at once.

Since 5.18