Generates plugins.qmltypes files for QML plugins.

ecm_generate_qmltypes(<org.kde.pluginname> 1.3
                      DESTINATION <${KDE_INSTALL_QMLDIR}/org/kde/pluginname>)

Makes it possible to generate plugins.qmltypes files for the QML plugins that our project offers. These files offer introspection upon our plugin and are useful for integrating with IDE language support of our plugin. It offers information about the objects its methods and their argument types.

The developer will be in charge of making sure that these files are up to date. The plugin.qmltypes file will sit in the source directory. This function will include the code that installs the file in the right place and a small unit test named qmltypes-pluginname-version that makes sure that it doesn’t need updating.

Since 5.33.0