Add an uninstall target.

By including this module, an uninstall target will be added to your CMake project. This will remove all files installed (or updated) by a previous invocation of the install target. It will not remove files created or modified by an install(SCRIPT) or install(CODE) command; you should create a custom uninstallation target for these and use add_dependency to make the uninstall target depend on it:

install(SCRIPT install-foo.cmake)
add_custom_target(uninstall_foo COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -P uninstall-foo.cmake)
add_dependency(uninstall uninstall_foo)

The target will fail if the install target has not yet been run (so it is not possible to run CMake on the project and then immediately run the uninstall target).


CMake deliberately does not provide an uninstall target by default on the basis that such a target has the potential to remove important files from a user’s computer. Use with caution.

Since 1.7.0.