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 NTermsProvides enums and strucss to use.for building queries with Query
 CActivityTerm to filter the resources according the activity in which they were accessed
 CAgentTerm to filter the resources according the agent (application) which accessed it
 CDateOn which start access date do you want to filter ?
 CLimitHow many items do you need?
 COffsetHow many items to skip? This can be specified only if limit is also set to a finite value
 CTypeTerm to filter the resources according to their types
 CUrlUrl filtering
 CQueryThe activities system tracks resources (documents, contacts, etc.) that the user has used
 CResultModelProvides a model which displays the resources matching the specified Query
 CResultSetClass that can query the KActivities usage tracking mechanism for resources
 CResultStructure containing data of one of the results
 CResultWatcherA very thin class that sends signals when new resources matching a predefined query are available
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