Deprecated List
Member KComboBox::insertURL (const QUrl &url, int index=-1)
since 4.5
Member KComboBox::returnPressed ()
since 5.81, use the KComboBox::returnPressed(const QString &) signal
Member KComboBox::setContextMenuEnabled (bool showMenu)
since 4.5, use setContextMenuPolicy instead
Member KComboBox::setUrlDropsEnabled (bool enable)
since 5.0. Use lineEdit()->installEventFilter with a LineEditUrlDropEventFilter
Member KCompletion::slotMakeCompletion (const QString &string)
since 5.0, use makeCompletion() instead
Member KCompletion::slotNextMatch ()
since 5.0, use nextMatch() instead
Member KCompletion::slotPreviousMatch ()
since 5.0, use previousMatch() instead
Member KCompletionBase::getKeyBinding (KeyBindingType item) const
since 5.0, use keyBinding instead
Member KCompletionBase::getKeyBindings () const
since 5.0, use keyBindingMap instead
Member KCompletionBox::activated (const QString &text)
since 5.81, use the KCompletionBox::textActivated(const QString &) signal instead
Member KCompletionBox::sizeAndPosition ()
since 5.0, use resizeAndReposition instead.
Member KHistoryComboBox::pixmapProvider () const
since 5.66, unused
Member KHistoryComboBox::setPixmapProvider (KPixmapProvider *provider)
since 5.66, use setIconProvider
Member KLineEdit::clickMessage () const
since 5.0, use QLineEdit::placeholderText instead.
Member KLineEdit::isClearButtonShown () const
since 5.46 Use QLineEdit::isClearButtonEnabled
Member KLineEdit::isContextMenuEnabled () const
since 4.5, use contextMenuPolicy instead
Member KLineEdit::passwordMode () const
Since 5.83, see setPasswordMode(bool)
Member KLineEdit::returnPressed (const QString &text)
since 5.81, use the KLineEdit::returnKeyPressed(const QString &) signal instead
Member KLineEdit::setClearButtonShown (bool show)
since 5.46 Use QLineEdit::setClearButtonEnabled
Member KLineEdit::setClickMessage (const QString &msg)
since 5.0, use QLineEdit::setPlaceholderText instead.
Member KLineEdit::setContextMenuEnabled (bool showMenu)
since 4.5, use setContextMenuPolicy instead
Member KLineEdit::setPasswordMode (bool passwordMode=true)
Since 5.83, use KPasswordLineEdit or QLineEdit::setEchoMode(QLineEdit::EchoMode).
Member KLineEdit::userTextChanged (const QString &)
since 4.5. You probably want to connect to textEdited() instead, which is emitted whenever the text is actually changed by the user (by typing or accepting autocompletion), without side effects from suggested autocompletion either. userTextChanged isn't needed anymore.
Class KPixmapProvider
Since 5.66, use a std::function that takes a QString and returns a QIcon/QPixmap
Member KPixmapProvider::pixmapFor (const QString &text, int size=0)=0
Since 5.66, use a std::function that takes a QString and returns a QIcon/QPixmap.
Member KSortableItem< T, Key >::index () const
Since 4.0. Use key()
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