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KDAV::DavUrl Member List

This is the complete list of members for KDAV::DavUrl, including all inherited members.

DavUrl(const DavUrl &) (defined in KDAV::DavUrl)KDAV::DavUrl
DavUrl(DavUrl &&) (defined in KDAV::DavUrl)KDAV::DavUrl
DavUrl(const QUrl &url, Protocol protocol)KDAV::DavUrl
List typedefKDAV::DavUrl
operator=(const DavUrl &) (defined in KDAV::DavUrl)KDAV::DavUrl
operator=(DavUrl &&) (defined in KDAV::DavUrl)KDAV::DavUrl
protocol() constKDAV::DavUrl
setProtocol(Protocol protocol)KDAV::DavUrl
setUrl(const QUrl &url)KDAV::DavUrl
toDisplayString() constKDAV::DavUrl
url() constKDAV::DavUrl
~DavUrl() (defined in KDAV::DavUrl)KDAV::DavUrl
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