ManagedTextureNode Class Reference

#include <KQuickAddons/ManagedTextureNode>

Inheritance diagram for ManagedTextureNode:

Public Member Functions

void setTexture (QSharedPointer< QSGTexture > texture)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSGSimpleTextureNode
QSGTexture::Filtering filtering () const const
bool ownsTexture () const const
QRectF rect () const const
void setFiltering (QSGTexture::Filtering filtering)
void setOwnsTexture (bool owns)
void setRect (qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h)
void setRect (const QRectF &r)
void setSourceRect (const QRectF &r)
void setSourceRect (qreal x, qreal y, qreal w, qreal h)
void setTexture (QSGTexture *texture)
void setTextureCoordinatesTransform (QSGSimpleTextureNode::TextureCoordinatesTransformMode mode)
QRectF sourceRect () const const
QSGTexturetexture () const const
QSGSimpleTextureNode::TextureCoordinatesTransformMode textureCoordinatesTransform () const const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSGGeometryNode
QSGMaterialmaterial () const const
QSGMaterialopaqueMaterial () const const
void setMaterial (QSGMaterial *material)
void setOpaqueMaterial (QSGMaterial *material)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSGBasicGeometryNode
QSGGeometrygeometry ()
const QSGGeometrygeometry () const const
void setGeometry (QSGGeometry *geometry)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSGNode
void appendChildNode (QSGNode *node)
QSGNodechildAtIndex (int i) const const
int childCount () const const
QSGNodefirstChild () const const
QSGNode::Flags flags () const const
void insertChildNodeAfter (QSGNode *node, QSGNode *after)
void insertChildNodeBefore (QSGNode *node, QSGNode *before)
virtual bool isSubtreeBlocked () const const
QSGNodelastChild () const const
void markDirty (QSGNode::DirtyState bits)
QSGNodenextSibling () const const
QSGNodeparent () const const
void prependChildNode (QSGNode *node)
virtual void preprocess ()
QSGNodepreviousSibling () const const
void removeAllChildNodes ()
void removeChildNode (QSGNode *node)
void setFlag (QSGNode::Flag f, bool enabled)
void setFlags (QSGNode::Flags f, bool enabled)
QSGNode::NodeType type () const const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QSGSimpleTextureNode
enum  TextureCoordinatesTransformFlag
- Public Types inherited from QSGNode
enum  DirtyStateBit
enum  Flag
enum  NodeType
- Public Attributes inherited from QSGSimpleTextureNode
typedef TextureCoordinatesTransformMode
- Public Attributes inherited from QSGNode
typedef DirtyState
typedef Flags

Detailed Description

Node that contains a reference counted texture.

Usually when assigning textures within a node, we'll want to delete the texture with the node. This class will take a shared texture and display it within the node.

It's especially interesting to use this class together with the ImageTexturesCache that will offer us shareable textures and cache them transparently, when asking it to create the texture.

See also

Definition at line 45 of file managedtexturenode.h.

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