org::kde::kcm::GridDelegate Class Reference

Inherits ItemDelegate.


list< QtObject > actions
string subtitle
alias thumbnail
bool thumbnailAvailable
string toolTip

Detailed Description

Base delegate for KControlmodules based on Grid views of thumbnails Use the onClicked signal handler for managing the main action when the user clicks on the thumbnail QtQuick.Templates.ItemDelegate.


Definition at line 32 of file GridDelegate.qml.

Property Documentation

list<QtObject> org::kde::kcm::GridDelegate::actions

actions: list<Action> A list of extra actions for the thumbnails.

They will be shown as icons on the bottom-right corner of the thumbnail on mouse over

Definition at line 61 of file GridDelegate.qml.

string org::kde::kcm::GridDelegate::subtitle

subtitle: string optional string for the text to show below the main label

Definition at line 43 of file GridDelegate.qml.

alias org::kde::kcm::GridDelegate::thumbnail

thumbnail: Item the item actually implementing the thumbnail: the visualization is up to the implementation

Definition at line 48 of file GridDelegate.qml.

bool org::kde::kcm::GridDelegate::thumbnailAvailable

thumbnailAvailable: bool Set it to true when a thumbnail is actually available: when false, only an icon will be shown instead of the actual thumbnail ("edit-none" if pluginName is "None", otherwise it uses "view-preview").

Definition at line 55 of file GridDelegate.qml.

string org::kde::kcm::GridDelegate::toolTip

toolTip: string string for a tooltip for the whole delegate

Definition at line 38 of file GridDelegate.qml.

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