org::kde::kcm::GridView Class Reference

Inherits ScrollView.

Inherited by org::kde::kcm::GridViewInternal.


alias view

Detailed Description

A ScrollView containing a GridView, with the default behavior about sizing and background as recommended by the user interface guidelines For most KControl modules, it's recommended to use instead the GridViewKCM component as the root element of your module.

See also

Definition at line 19 of file GridView.qml.

Property Documentation

alias org::kde::kcm::GridView::view

view: GridView Exposes the internal GridView: in order to set a model or a delegate to it, use the following code:

import org.kde.kcm 1.1 as KCM
KCM.GridView {
view.model: kcm.model
view.delegate: KCM.GridDelegate {...}

Definition at line 33 of file GridView.qml.

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