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#include <k4style.h>

Public Types

enum  Mode { PaletteEntryMode, BWAutoContrastMode = 0x8000000 }

Public Member Functions

 ColorMode (QPalette::ColorRole _role)
 ColorMode (Mode _mode, QPalette::ColorRole _role)
 ColorMode (int encoded)
QColor color (const QPalette &palette)
 operator int () const

Detailed Description

A representation for colors for use as a widget layout property.

This marshals to and from integers.

Definition at line 191 of file k4style.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

K4Style understands two kinds of colors:

  1. Palette entries.

This means the item must be painted with a specific color role from the palette.

  1. Auto-selected black or white, dependent on the brightness of a certain color role from the palette.

Definition at line 201 of file k4style.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

K4Style::ColorMode::ColorMode ( QPalette::ColorRole  _role)

Constructor, using a the given palette role _role and a default mode.

Definition at line 4166 of file k4style.cpp.

K4Style::ColorMode::ColorMode ( Mode  _mode,
QPalette::ColorRole  _role 

Constructor with explicit color mode and palette roles.

Definition at line 4171 of file k4style.cpp.

K4Style::ColorMode::ColorMode ( int  encoded)

Decode from an int.

Definition at line 4181 of file k4style.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QColor K4Style::ColorMode::color ( const QPalette palette)

Return the color corresponding to our role from the palette, automatically compensating for the contrast mode.

Definition at line 4187 of file k4style.cpp.

K4Style::ColorMode::operator int ( ) const

Represent as an int to store as a property.

Definition at line 4176 of file k4style.cpp.

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