#include <kdatatool.h>

Public Member Functions

 KDataToolInfo ()
 KDataToolInfo (const KService::Ptr &service, const QString &componentName)
 KDataToolInfo (const KDataToolInfo &info)
 ~KDataToolInfo ()
QStringList commands () const
QString componentName () const
KDataToolcreateTool (QObject *parent=nullptr) const
QString dataType () const
QString iconName () const
bool isReadOnly () const
bool isValid () const
QStringList mimeTypes () const
KDataToolInfooperator= (const KDataToolInfo &info)
KService::Ptr service () const
QStringList userCommands () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QList< KDataToolInfoquery (const QString &datatype, const QString &mimetype, const QString &componentName)

Detailed Description

This is a convenience class for KService.

You can use it if you have a KService describing a KDataTool. In this case the KDataToolInfo class is more convenient to work with.

Especially useful is the method createTool which creates the datatool described by the service.

See also

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDataToolInfo::KDataToolInfo ( )

Create an invalid KDataToolInfo.

Definition at line 47 of file kdatatool.cpp.

KDataToolInfo::KDataToolInfo ( const KService::Ptr service,
const QString componentName 

Create a valid KDataToolInfo.

servicethe corresponding service
componentNamethe name of the component to use

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KDataToolInfo::~KDataToolInfo ( )


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KDataToolInfo::KDataToolInfo ( const KDataToolInfo info)

Copy constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

QStringList KDataToolInfo::commands ( ) const

Returns the list of commands the DataTool can execute.

The application passes the command to the KDataTool::run method.

This list comes from the Commands field of the tool's desktop file.

Each of the strings returned corresponds to a string in the list returned by userCommands.

the list of commands the DataTool can execute, suitable for the KDataTool::run method.

Definition at line 119 of file kdatatool.cpp.

QString KDataToolInfo::componentName ( ) const

The instance of the service.

the component name

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KDataTool * KDataToolInfo::createTool ( QObject parent = nullptr) const

Creates the data tool described by this KDataToolInfo.

parentthe parent of the QObject (or 0 for parent-less KDataTools)
a pointer to the created data tool or 0 on error.

Definition at line 137 of file kdatatool.cpp.

QString KDataToolInfo::dataType ( ) const

Returns the data type that the DataTool can accept.

the C++ data type that this DataTool accepts. For example "QString" or "QImage" or something more complicated.

Definition at line 84 of file kdatatool.cpp.

QString KDataToolInfo::iconName ( ) const

Returns the icon name for this DataTool.

the name of the icon for the DataTool

Definition at line 111 of file kdatatool.cpp.

bool KDataToolInfo::isReadOnly ( ) const

Checks whether the DataTool is read-only.

true if the DataTool does not modify the data passed to it by KDataTool::run.

Definition at line 102 of file kdatatool.cpp.

bool KDataToolInfo::isValid ( ) const

A DataToolInfo may be invalid if the KService passed to its constructor does not feature the service type "KDataTool".

true if valid, false otherwise

Definition at line 205 of file kdatatool.cpp.

QStringList KDataToolInfo::mimeTypes ( ) const

Returns a list of mime type that will be accepted by the DataTool.

The mimetypes are only used if the dataType can be used to store different mimetypes. For example in a "QString" you could save "text/plain" or "text/html" or "text/xml".

the mime types accepted by this DataTool. For example "image/gif" or "text/plain". In some cases the dataType determines the accepted type of data perfectly. In this cases this list may be empty.

Definition at line 93 of file kdatatool.cpp.

KDataToolInfo & KDataToolInfo::operator= ( const KDataToolInfo info)

Assignment operator.

Definition at line 72 of file kdatatool.cpp.

QList< KDataToolInfo > KDataToolInfo::query ( const QString datatype,
const QString mimetype,
const QString componentName 

Queries the KServiceTypeTrader about installed KDataTool implementations.

datatypea type that the application can 'export' to the tools (e.g. QString)
mimetypethe mimetype of the data (e.g. text/plain)
componentNamethe application (or the part)'s instance (to check if a tool is excluded from this part, and also used if the tool wants to read its configuration in the app's config file).
the list of results

Definition at line 160 of file kdatatool.cpp.

KService::Ptr KDataToolInfo::service ( ) const

The KDataToolInfo's service that is represented by this class.

the service

Definition at line 150 of file kdatatool.cpp.

QStringList KDataToolInfo::userCommands ( ) const

Returns a list of strings that you can put in a QPopupMenu item, for example to offer the DataTools services to the user.

The returned value is usually something like "Spell checking", "Shrink Image", "Rotate Image" or something like that. This list comes from the Comment field of the tool's desktop file (so that it can be translated).

Each of the strings returned corresponds to a string in the list returned by commands.

a list of strings that you can put in a QPopupMenu item

Definition at line 128 of file kdatatool.cpp.

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