KSystemTimeZoneData Class Reference

#include <ksystemtimezone.h>

Inheritance diagram for KSystemTimeZoneData:

Public Member Functions

 KSystemTimeZoneData (const KSystemTimeZoneData &)
QByteArray abbreviation (const QDateTime &utcDateTime) const override
QList< QByteArrayabbreviations () const override
KTimeZoneDataclone () const override
KSystemTimeZoneDataoperator= (const KSystemTimeZoneData &)
QList< int > utcOffsets () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KTimeZoneData
 KTimeZoneData (const KTimeZoneData &c)
virtual bool hasTransitions () const
KTimeZone::LeapSeconds leapSecondChange (const QDateTime &utc) const
QList< KTimeZone::LeapSeconds > leapSecondChanges () const
KTimeZoneDataoperator= (const KTimeZoneData &c)
QList< KTimeZone::Phase > phases () const
int previousUtcOffset () const
const KTimeZone::Transition * transition (const QDateTime &dt, const KTimeZone::Transition **secondTransition=nullptr, bool *validTime=nullptr) const
int transitionIndex (const QDateTime &dt, int *secondIndex=nullptr, bool *validTime=nullptr) const
QList< KTimeZone::Transition > transitions (const QDateTime &start=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &end=QDateTime()) const
QList< QDateTimetransitionTimes (const KTimeZone::Phase &phase, const QDateTime &start=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &end=QDateTime()) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from KTimeZoneData
void setLeapSecondChanges (const QList< KTimeZone::LeapSeconds > &adjusts)
void setPhases (const QList< KTimeZone::Phase > &phases, const KTimeZone::Phase &previousPhase)
void setPhases (const QList< KTimeZone::Phase > &phases, int previousUtcOffset)
void setTransitions (const QList< KTimeZone::Transition > &transitions)

Detailed Description

Parsed system time zone data.

The parsed system time zone data returned by KSystemTimeZoneSource.

See also
KSystemTimeZoneSource, KSystemTimeZone
David Jarvie djarv[email protected][email protected][email protected]de.or[email protected]g.

Definition at line 489 of file ksystemtimezone.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KSystemTimeZoneData::KSystemTimeZoneData ( const KSystemTimeZoneData rhs)

Copy constructor; no special ownership assumed.

Definition at line 848 of file ksystemtimezone.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QByteArray KSystemTimeZoneData::abbreviation ( const QDateTime utcDateTime) const

Returns the time zone abbreviation current at a specified time.

utcDateTimeUTC date/time. An error occurs if utcDateTime.timeSpec() is not Qt::UTC.
time zone abbreviation, or empty string if error
See also

Reimplemented from KTimeZoneData.

Definition at line 877 of file ksystemtimezone.cpp.

QList< QByteArray > KSystemTimeZoneData::abbreviations ( ) const

Returns the complete list of time zone abbreviations.

the list of abbreviations

Reimplemented from KTimeZoneData.

Definition at line 872 of file ksystemtimezone.cpp.

KTimeZoneData * KSystemTimeZoneData::clone ( ) const

Creates a new copy of this object.

The caller is responsible for deleting the copy. Derived classes must reimplement this method to return a copy of the calling instance

copy of this instance. This is a KSystemTimeZoneData pointer.

Reimplemented from KTimeZoneData.

Definition at line 867 of file ksystemtimezone.cpp.

KSystemTimeZoneData & KSystemTimeZoneData::operator= ( const KSystemTimeZoneData rhs)

Assignment; no special ownership assumed.

Everything is value based.

Definition at line 860 of file ksystemtimezone.cpp.

QList< int > KSystemTimeZoneData::utcOffsets ( ) const

Returns the complete list of UTC offsets for the time zone.

For system time zones, significant processing would be required to obtain such a list, so instead an empty list is returned.

empty list

Reimplemented from KTimeZoneData.

Definition at line 913 of file ksystemtimezone.cpp.

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