#include <ktimezone_win.h>

Inheritance diagram for KSystemTimeZoneWindows:

Public Member Functions

 KSystemTimeZoneWindows (KTimeZoneSource *source, const QString &name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KTimeZone
 KTimeZone ()
 KTimeZone (const QString &name)
 KTimeZone (const KTimeZone &tz)
QByteArray abbreviation (const QDateTime &utcDateTime) const
QList< QByteArrayabbreviations () const
QString comment () const
QDateTime convert (const KTimeZone &newZone, const QDateTime &zoneDateTime) const
QString countryCode () const
int currentOffset (Qt::TimeSpec basis=Qt::UTC) const
const KTimeZoneDatadata (bool create=false) const
virtual bool hasTransitions () const
virtual bool isDst (time_t t) const
virtual bool isDstAtUtc (const QDateTime &utcDateTime) const
bool isValid () const
float latitude () const
QList< LeapSeconds > leapSecondChanges () const
float longitude () const
QString name () const
virtual int offset (time_t t) const
virtual int offsetAtUtc (const QDateTime &utcDateTime) const
virtual int offsetAtZoneTime (const QDateTime &zoneDateTime, int *secondOffset=nullptr) const
bool operator!= (const KTimeZone &rhs) const
KTimeZoneoperator= (const KTimeZone &tz)
bool operator== (const KTimeZone &rhs) const
bool parse () const
QList< Phase > phases () const
KTimeZoneSourcesource () const
QDateTime toUtc (const QDateTime &zoneDateTime) const
QDateTime toZoneTime (const QDateTime &utcDateTime, bool *secondOccurrence=nullptr) const
const KTimeZone::Transition * transition (const QDateTime &dt, const Transition **secondTransition=nullptr, bool *validTime=nullptr) const
int transitionIndex (const QDateTime &dt, int *secondIndex=nullptr, bool *validTime=nullptr) const
QList< KTimeZone::Transition > transitions (const QDateTime &start=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &end=QDateTime()) const
QList< QDateTimetransitionTimes (const Phase &phase, const QDateTime &start=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &end=QDateTime()) const
QByteArray type () const
bool updateBase (const KTimeZone &other)
QList< int > utcOffsets () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QStringList listTimeZones ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KTimeZone
static QDateTime fromTime_t (time_t t)
static time_t toTime_t (const QDateTime &utcDateTime)
static KTimeZone utc ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from KTimeZone
static const int InvalidOffset = 0x80000000
static const time_t InvalidTime_t = 0x80000000
static const float UNKNOWN = 1000.0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KTimeZone
 KTimeZone (KTimeZoneBackend *impl)
void setData (KTimeZoneData *data, KTimeZoneSource *source=nullptr)

Detailed Description

The KSystemTimeZoneWindows class represents a time zone defined in the Windows registry.

It works in partnership with the KSystemTimeZoneSourceWindows class which reads and parses the time zone definitions from the Windows registry.

Represents a time zone defined in the Windows registry

See also
KSystemTimeZoneBackendWindows, KSystemTimeZoneSourceWindows, KSystemTimeZoneDataWindows
Marc Mutz [email protected][email protected]kde.[email protected]org, Till Adam [email protected][email protected]kde.[email protected]org.

Definition at line 76 of file ktimezone_win.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KSystemTimeZoneWindows::KSystemTimeZoneWindows ( KTimeZoneSource source,
const QString name 

Creates a time zone.

sourceWindows registry reader and parser
nametime zone's unique name, which must be the tzfile path relative to the location specified for source

Definition at line 728 of file ktimezone_win.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QStringList KSystemTimeZoneWindows::listTimeZones ( )

Static helper method that lists all availalbe timezones on the system as per the information in the Windows registry.

Definition at line 732 of file ktimezone_win.cpp.

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