KTimeZone Member List

This is the complete list of members for KTimeZone, including all inherited members.

abbreviation(const QDateTime &utcDateTime) const KTimeZone
abbreviations() const KTimeZone
comment() const KTimeZone
convert(const KTimeZone &newZone, const QDateTime &zoneDateTime) const KTimeZone
countryCode() const KTimeZone
currentOffset(Qt::TimeSpec basis=Qt::UTC) const KTimeZone
data(bool create=false) const KTimeZone
fromTime_t(time_t t)KTimeZonestatic
hasTransitions() const KTimeZonevirtual
isDst(time_t t) const KTimeZonevirtual
isDstAtUtc(const QDateTime &utcDateTime) const KTimeZonevirtual
isValid() const KTimeZone
KTimeZone(const QString &name)KTimeZoneexplicit
KTimeZone(const KTimeZone &tz) (defined in KTimeZone)KTimeZone
KTimeZone(KTimeZoneBackend *impl) (defined in KTimeZone)KTimeZoneprotected
latitude() const KTimeZone
leapSecondChanges() const KTimeZone
longitude() const KTimeZone
name() const KTimeZone
offset(time_t t) const KTimeZonevirtual
offsetAtUtc(const QDateTime &utcDateTime) const KTimeZonevirtual
offsetAtZoneTime(const QDateTime &zoneDateTime, int *secondOffset=nullptr) const KTimeZonevirtual
operator!=(const KTimeZone &rhs) const (defined in KTimeZone)KTimeZoneinline
operator=(const KTimeZone &tz) (defined in KTimeZone)KTimeZone
operator==(const KTimeZone &rhs) const KTimeZone
parse() const KTimeZone
phases() const KTimeZone
setData(KTimeZoneData *data, KTimeZoneSource *source=nullptr)KTimeZoneprotected
source() const KTimeZone
toTime_t(const QDateTime &utcDateTime)KTimeZonestatic
toUtc(const QDateTime &zoneDateTime) const KTimeZone
toZoneTime(const QDateTime &utcDateTime, bool *secondOccurrence=nullptr) const KTimeZone
transition(const QDateTime &dt, const Transition **secondTransition=nullptr, bool *validTime=nullptr) const KTimeZone
transitionIndex(const QDateTime &dt, int *secondIndex=nullptr, bool *validTime=nullptr) const KTimeZone
transitions(const QDateTime &start=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &end=QDateTime()) const KTimeZone
transitionTimes(const Phase &phase, const QDateTime &start=QDateTime(), const QDateTime &end=QDateTime()) const KTimeZone
type() const KTimeZone
updateBase(const KTimeZone &other)KTimeZone
utcOffsets() const KTimeZone
~KTimeZone() (defined in KTimeZone)KTimeZonevirtual
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