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PredicateProperties Class Reference

#include <predicateproperties.h>

Public Types

enum  Attributes {
  Addable = 1, Removable = 2, Modifiable = 4, Cumulative = 8,
  Averaged = 16, MultiLine = 32, SqueezeText = 64

Public Member Functions

 PredicateProperties (const PredicateProperties &p)
 PredicateProperties (const QString &predicate=QString())
uint attributes () const
QValidatorcreateValidator () const
const QStringdescription () const
bool isValid () const
const QStringkey () const
uint maxCardinality () const
uint minCardinality () const
const QStringname () const
const PredicatePropertiesoperator= (const PredicateProperties &p)
const PredicatePropertiesparent () const
const QStringListsuggestedValues () const
QVariant::Type type () const
const QStringunit () const

Detailed Description

A predicate is part of the RDF trinity: subject, predicate, object.

It is identified by URI and it defines the type of the relationship. For file metadata, a predicate can be seen as a fieldname. It has a data type, a description, a short id, a cardinality

use Nepomuk::Types::Property instead

Definition at line 36 of file predicateproperties.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Attributes

This enum is used to specify some attributes that an item can have, which fit neither in the Hint nor in the Unit enum.


The item or group can be added by a user.


It can be removed.


The value can be edited (no meaning for a group)


If an application wants to display information for more than one file, it may add up the values for this item (e.g.

play time of an mp3 file)


Similar to Cumulative, but the average should be calculated instead of the sum.


This attribute says that a string item is likely to be more than one line long, so for editing, a widget capable for multline text should be used.


If the text for this item is very long, it should be squeezed to the size of the widget where it's displayed.

Definition at line 50 of file predicateproperties.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ attributes()

uint PredicateProperties::attributes ( ) const

Get the attributes of this group (see Attributes)

the attributes

Definition at line 97 of file predicateproperties.cpp.

◆ description()

const QString& PredicateProperties::description ( ) const

Localized description of the predicate.

◆ key()

const QString& PredicateProperties::key ( ) const

Key associated with this value.

◆ name()

const QString & PredicateProperties::name ( ) const

Localized name of the predicate.

Definition at line 70 of file predicateproperties.cpp.

◆ type()

QVariant::Type PredicateProperties::type ( ) const

The type for this field.

Definition at line 102 of file predicateproperties.cpp.

◆ unit()

const QString& PredicateProperties::unit ( ) const

Return a url that identifies the unit in which this property is expressed.

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