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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CKDebug::BlockUse this to label sections of your code
 CK4Style::CheckBoxDescribes widgets like QCheckBox
 CK4Style::ColorModeA representation for colors for use as a widget layout property
 CK4Style::ComboBoxDescribes a widget like QComboBox
 CKEditListBox::CustomEditorCustom editor class
 CDefaultsReturns true if this action is enabled to have a global shortcut
 CKAccelGen::Deref< Iter >Static dereference class, for use as a template parameter
 CKAccelGen::Deref_Key< Iter >Static dereference class that calls the key() method on its target; for use as a template parameter
 CK4Style::DockWidgetDescribes the title of a dock widget
 CK4Style::GenericBasic primitive drawing operations
 CK4Style::GroupBoxDescribes something like QGroupBox
 CK4Style::HeaderDescribes a list header, like in QListView
 CK4AboutDataThis class is used to store information about a program
 CK4AboutLicenseThis class is used to store information about a license
 CK4AboutPersonThis class is used to store information about a person or developer
 CKCalendarSystemKCalendarSystem abstract base class, provides support for local Calendar Systems in KDE
 CKCmdLineArgsA class for command-line argument handling
 CKCmdLineOptionsClass that holds command line options
 CKCompletionBase [external]
 CKComponentDataPer component data
 CKDataToolInfoThis is a convenience class for KService
 CKDateTimeA class representing a date and time with an associated time zone
 CKDebugDialogControl debug/warning/error/fatal output of KDE applications
 CKFileMetaInfoKFileMetaInfo provides metadata extracted from a file or other resource
 CKGenericFactory< Product, ParentType >This template provides a generic implementation of a KLibFactory , for use with shared library components
 CKNetwork::KIpAddressAn IP address
 CKListDebugDialogControl debug output of KDE applications This dialog offers a reduced functionality compared to the full KDebugDialog class, but allows to set debug output on or off to several areas much more easily
 CKLocaleKLocale provides support for language and country specific stuff
 CKLocalizedDateA class representing a date localized using the local calendar system, language and formats
 CKMakeTypeList< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15, T16, T17, T18 >This class template implements a compile-time algorithm for generating typelists
 CKMD5An adapted C++ implementation of RSA Data Securities MD5 algorithm
 CKMessageHandler [external]
 CKGlobalSettings::KMouseSettingsDescribes the mouse settings
 CKOpenSSLProxyDynamically load and wrap OpenSSL
 CKPixmapCacheGeneral-purpose pixmap cache for KDE
 CKNetwork::KResolverEntryOne resolution entry
 CKSessionManagerProvides highlevel access to session management on a per-object base
 CKSharedPtr< T >
 CKShortcutRepresents a keyboard shortcut
 CKNetwork::KSocketAddressA generic socket address
 CKNetwork::KSocketBaseBasic socket functionality
 CKSSLKDE SSL Wrapper Class
 CKSSLCertChainKDE Certificate Chain Representation Class
 CKSSLCertificateKDE X.509 Certificate
 CKSSLX509V3KDE X509v3 Flag Class
 CKStandardDirsSite-independent access to standard KDE directories
 CKTempDirCreate a unique directory for temporary use
 CKTimeZoneBase class representing a time zone
 CKTimeZoneBackendBase backend class for KTimeZone classes
 CKTimeZoneDataBase class for the parsed data returned by a KTimeZoneSource class
 CKTimeZonesTime zone database which consists of a collection of individual time zone definitions
 CKTimeZoneSourceBase class representing a source of time zone information
 CKTypeList< T, U >The building block of typelists of any length
 CKXErrorHandlerThis class simplifies handling of X errors
 CK4Style::LineEditDescribes a text edit widget like QLineEdit
 CK4Style::MenuDescribes a menu
 CK4Style::MenuBarDescribes widgets like QMenuBar
 CK4Style::MenuBarItemDescribes MenuBar items
 CK4Style::MenuItemDescribes an item in a menu
 CK4Style::OptionBase for our own option classes
 CK4Style::OptionBase< EventualSubtype, BaseType >Intermediatary base that helps implement subtypes of Option that properly handle defaults
 CPredicatePropertiesA predicate is part of the RDF trinity: subject, predicate, object
 CK4Style::ProgressBarDescribes widgets like QProgressBar
 CK4Style::PushButtonDescribes widgets like QPushButton
 CQIcon [external]
 CQList< KResolverEntry > [external]
 CQList< KUrl > [external]
 CQObject [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQSharedData [external]
 CQUrl [external]
 CK4Style::RadioButtonDescribes widgets like QRadioButton
 CKNetwork::KResolverWorkerBase::ResolverLockerHelper class for locking the resolver subsystem
 CK4Style::ScrollBarDescribes widgets like QScrollBar
 CK4Style::SliderDescribes a slider, like QSlider
 CKDateTime::SpecThe full time specification of a KDateTime instance
 CK4Style::SpinBoxDescribes a widget like QSpinBox
 CK4Style::SplitterDescribes widgets like QSplitter
 CK4Style::StatusBarDescribes a status bar section
 CK4Style::TabBarDescribes a tab bar
 CK4Style::TabWidgetDescribes a tab widget (frame)
 CK4Style::ToolBarDescribes a tool bar
 CK4Style::ToolBoxTabDescribes a tab for a tool box, like QToolBox
 CK4Style::ToolButtonDescribes widgets like QToolButton (usually inside a QToolBar)
 CK4Style::TreeDescribes an expandable tree, e.g
 CK4Style::WindowDescribes windows, like in QWorkspace
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