Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NKAccelGenProvides functions that, given a collection of QStrings, will automatically and intelligently assign menu accelerators to the QStrings in the collection
 NKDENamespace for general KDE functions
 NKdePrintNamespace for the KDE printing system
 NKFileShareCommon functionality for the file sharing (communication with the backend)
 NKGlobalAccess to the KDE global objects
 NKImageIOMethods to get information about image format names and the corresponding mime type
 NKInputDialogThe KInputDialog namespace provides simple dialogs to get a single value from the user
 NKNetworkA namespace to store all networking-related (socket) classes
 NKSocketFactoryKSocketFactory provides functions for opening sockets to remote hosts
 NQTestThe QTest namespace
 NNetworkingThis namespace contains all the network-related high-level methods: querying the underlying system for network availability, being notified when network availability changes (e.g
 NPowerManagementThis namespace allows to query the underlying system to obtain information about the hardware available
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