Class K4Style
and allows to style KDE specific widgets.
Member K4Style::CheckBox::FocusMargin
have a look, it isn't as nice as plastique etc.
Member K4Style::Menu::Margin
have a look at comments at PM_MenuHMargin...
Class K4Style::ProgressBar
support for Qt > 4.1 orientation, bottomToTop, invertedAppearance properties!
Member K4Style::TabBar::BaseHeight
is this used for things like I intended TabWidget::ContentsMargin for?
Member K4Style::TabBar::IndicatorTear
K4Style default implementation...?
Member K4Style::TabBar::NorthTab
say something about triangular shape etc.
Member K4Style::ToolButton::Primitive
Implement CE_ToolButtonLabel to have own Generic::Text, Generic::Icon, and LayoutProps PressedShiftHorizontal, PressedShiftVertical, TextToIconSpace, MenuIndicatorSize...
Class K4Style::Window
SP_TitleBar* pixmaps
Member K4Style::Window::ButtonRestore
split min/max restore?
Member KLocale::formatByteSize (double size) const
KDE 5: Remove in favor of overload added in KDE 4.4.
Member KNetwork::KSocketDeviceFactory< Impl >::create (KSocketBase *parent) const override
Who owns the parent afterwards?
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