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DOM::CSS2Azimuth Class Reference

#include <css_extensions.h>

Inheritance diagram for DOM::CSS2Azimuth:

Public Member Functions

 CSS2Azimuth (const CSS2Azimuth &other)
 CSS2Azimuth (CSS2AzimuthImpl *impl)
unsigned short azimuthType () const
bool behind () const
float getAngleValue (const unsigned short unitType)
DOM::DOMString identifier () const
CSS2Azimuthoperator= (const CSS2Azimuth &other)
void setAngleValue (const unsigned short unitType, const float floatValue)
void setIdentifier (const DOM::DOMString &identifier, const bool behind)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::CSSValue
 CSSValue (const CSSValue &other)
 CSSValue (CSSValueImpl *impl)
DOM::DOMString cssText () const
unsigned short cssValueType () const
CSSValueImpl * handle () const
bool isCSSPrimitiveValue () const
bool isCSSValueList () const
bool isNull () const
CSSValueoperator= (const CSSValue &other)
void setCssText (const DOM::DOMString &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DOM::CSSValue
enum  UnitTypes {
- Protected Attributes inherited from DOM::CSSValue
CSSValueImpl * impl

Detailed Description

The CSS2Azimuth interface represents the azimuth CSS Level 2 property.

Definition at line 42 of file css_extensions.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ azimuthType()

unsigned short CSS2Azimuth::azimuthType ( ) const

A code defining the type of the value as defined in CSSValue .

It would be one of CSS_DEG , CSS_RAD , CSS_GRAD or CSS_IDENT .

Definition at line 51 of file css_extensions.cpp.

◆ behind()

bool CSS2Azimuth::behind ( ) const

behind indicates whether the behind identifier has been set.

Definition at line 67 of file css_extensions.cpp.

◆ getAngleValue()

float CSS2Azimuth::getAngleValue ( const unsigned short  unitType)

Used to retrieved the float value of the azimuth property.

unitTypeThe unit type can be only an angle unit type ( CSS_DEG , CSS_RAD or CSS_GRAD ).
The float value.
DOMExceptionINVALID_ACCESS_ERR: Raised if the unit type is invalid.

Definition at line 82 of file css_extensions.cpp.

◆ identifier()

DOMString CSS2Azimuth::identifier ( ) const

If azimuthType is CSS_IDENT , identifier contains one of left-side, far-left, left, center-left, center, center-right, right, far-right, right-side, leftwards, rightwards.

The empty string if none is set.

Definition at line 59 of file css_extensions.cpp.

◆ setAngleValue()

void CSS2Azimuth::setAngleValue ( const unsigned short  unitType,
const float  floatValue 

A method to set the angle value with a specified unit.

This method will unset any previously set identifiers values.

unitTypeThe unitType could only be one of CSS_DEG , CSS_RAD or CSS_GRAD ).
floatValueThe new float value of the angle.
DOMExceptionINVALID_ACCESS_ERR: Raised if the unit type is invalid.

NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR: Raised if this property is readonly.

Definition at line 75 of file css_extensions.cpp.

◆ setIdentifier()

void CSS2Azimuth::setIdentifier ( const DOM::DOMString identifier,
const bool  behind 

Setting the identifier for the azimuth property will unset any previously set angle value.

The value of azimuthType is set to CSS_IDENT

identifierThe new identifier. If the identifier is "leftwards" or "rightward", the behind attribute is ignored.
behindThe new value for behind.
DOMExceptionSYNTAX_ERR: Raised if the specified identifier has a syntax error and is unparsable.

NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR: Raised if this property is readonly.

Definition at line 90 of file css_extensions.cpp.

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