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#include <dom_string.h>

Public Member Functions

 DOMString ()
 DOMString (const char *str)
 DOMString (const char *str, uint len)
 DOMString (const DOMString &str)
 DOMString (const QChar *str, uint len)
 DOMString (const QString &)
 DOMString (DOMStringImpl *i)
QCharcharacters () const
DOMString copy () const
bool endsWith (const DOMString &str) const
int find (const QChar c, int start=0) const
DOMStringImpl * implementation () const
void insert (DOMString str, uint pos)
bool isEmpty () const
bool isNull () const
uint length () const
DOMString lower () const
DOMString operator+ (const DOMString &str)
DOMStringoperator+= (const DOMString &str)
DOMStringoperator= (const DOMString &str)
const QCharoperator[] (unsigned int i) const
bool percentage (int &_percentage) const
void remove (unsigned int pos, int len=1)
int reverseFind (const QChar c, int start=-1) const
DOMString split (unsigned int pos)
bool startsWith (const DOMString &str) const
QString string () const
DOMString substring (unsigned pos, unsigned len=UINT_MAX) const
float toFloat (bool *ok=nullptr) const
int toInt () const
int toInt (bool *ok) const
DOMString trimSpaces () const
void truncate (unsigned int len)
QCharunicode () const
DOMString upper () const

Static Public Member Functions

static DOMString format (const char *format,...)
static DOMString number (float f)

Protected Attributes

DOMStringImpl * impl

Detailed Description

This class implements the basic string we use in the DOM.

We do not use QString for 2 reasons: Memory overhead, and the missing explicit sharing of strings we need for the DOM.

All DOMStrings are explicitly shared (they behave like pointers), meaning that modifications to one instance will also modify all others. If you wish to get a DOMString that is independent, use copy().

Definition at line 44 of file dom_string.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DOMString() [1/2]

DOM::DOMString::DOMString ( )

default constructor.

Gives an empty DOMString

Definition at line 52 of file dom_string.h.

◆ DOMString() [2/2]

DOMString::DOMString ( const char *  str,
uint  len 

Definition at line 61 of file dom_string.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ implementation()

DOMStringImpl* DOM::DOMString::implementation ( ) const

get a handle to the imlementation of the DOMString Use at own risk!!!

Definition at line 145 of file dom_string.h.

◆ lower()

DOMString DOMString::lower ( ) const

Returns a lowercase version of the string.

Definition at line 232 of file dom_string.cpp.

◆ operator+()

DOMString DOMString::operator+ ( const DOMString str)

add two DOMString's

Definition at line 128 of file dom_string.cpp.

◆ operator+=()

DOMString & DOMString::operator+= ( const DOMString str)

append str to this string

Definition at line 108 of file dom_string.cpp.

◆ operator[]()

const QChar & DOMString::operator[] ( unsigned int  i) const

The character at position i of the DOMString.

If i >= length(), the character returned will be 0.

Definition at line 152 of file dom_string.cpp.

◆ split()

DOMString DOMString::split ( unsigned int  pos)

Splits the string into two.

The original string gets truncated to pos, and the rest is returned.

Definition at line 224 of file dom_string.cpp.

◆ trimSpaces()

DOMString DOMString::trimSpaces ( ) const

Returns a string with Space Characters removed from the start and the end.

Space Characters as defined in

Definition at line 345 of file dom_string.cpp.

◆ upper()

DOMString DOMString::upper ( ) const

Returns an uppercase version of the string.

Definition at line 240 of file dom_string.cpp.

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