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#include <html_misc.h>

Inherited by DOM::HTMLFormCollection.

Public Member Functions

 HTMLCollection (const HTMLCollection &other)
Node base () const
Node firstItem () const
HTMLCollectionImpl * handle () const
bool isNull () const
Node item (unsigned long index) const
unsigned long length () const
Node namedItem (const DOMString &name) const
Node nextItem () const
Node nextNamedItem (const DOMString &name) const
HTMLCollectionoperator= (const HTMLCollection &other)

Protected Member Functions

 HTMLCollection (HTMLCollectionImpl *impl)
 HTMLCollection (NodeImpl *base, int type)

Protected Attributes

HTMLCollectionImpl * impl

Detailed Description

An HTMLCollection is a list of nodes.

An individual node may be accessed by either ordinal index or the node's name or id attributes. Note: Collections in the HTML DOM are assumed to be live meaning that they are automatically updated when the underlying document is changed.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ base()

Node HTMLCollection::base ( ) const

not part of the DOM

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◆ item()

Node HTMLCollection::item ( unsigned long  index) const

This method retrieves a node specified by ordinal index.

Nodes are numbered in tree order (depth-first traversal order).

indexThe index of the node to be fetched. The index origin is 0.
The Node at the corresponding position upon success. A value of null is returned if the index is out of range.

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◆ length()

unsigned long HTMLCollection::length ( ) const

This attribute specifies the length or size of the list.

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◆ namedItem()

Node HTMLCollection::namedItem ( const DOMString name) const

This method retrieves a Node using a name.

It first searches for a Node with a matching id attribute. If it doesn't find one, it then searches for a Node with a matching name attribute, but only on those elements that are allowed a name attribute.

nameThe name of the Node to be fetched.
The Node with a name or id attribute whose value corresponds to the specified string. Upon failure (e.g., no node with this name exists), returns null .

Definition at line 187 of file html_misc.cpp.

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