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#include <html_document.h>

Inheritance diagram for DOM::HTMLDocument:

Public Member Functions

 HTMLDocument (const HTMLDocument &other)
 HTMLDocument (const Node &other)
 HTMLDocument (KHTMLView *parent)
HTMLCollection all () const
HTMLCollection anchors () const
HTMLCollection applets () const
HTMLElement body () const
void close ()
DOMString completeURL (const DOMString &url) const
DOMString cookie () const
DOMString domain () const
HTMLCollection forms () const
NodeList getElementsByName (const DOMString &elementName)
HTMLCollection images () const
DOMString lastModified () const
HTMLCollection layers () const
HTMLCollection links () const
void open ()
HTMLDocumentoperator= (const HTMLDocument &other)
HTMLDocumentoperator= (const Node &other)
DOMString referrer () const
HTMLCollection scripts () const
void setBody (const HTMLElement &)
void setCookie (const DOMString &)
void setTitle (const DOMString &)
DOMString title () const
DOMString URL () const
void write (const DOMString &text)
void writeln (const DOMString &text)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Document
 Document (bool)
 Document (const Document &other)
 Document (const Node &other)
 Document (DocumentImpl *i)
void abort ()
void addStyleSheet (const StyleSheet &sheet)
bool async () const
DOMString completeURL (const DOMString &url)
Attr createAttribute (const DOMString &name)
Attr createAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &qualifiedName)
CDATASection createCDATASection (const DOMString &data)
Comment createComment (const DOMString &data)
DocumentFragment createDocumentFragment ()
Element createElement (const DOMString &tagName)
Element createElementNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &qualifiedName)
EntityReference createEntityReference (const DOMString &name)
Event createEvent (const DOMString &eventType)
NodeIterator createNodeIterator (Node root, unsigned long whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, bool entityReferenceExpansion)
ProcessingInstruction createProcessingInstruction (const DOMString &target, const DOMString &data)
Range createRange ()
Text createTextNode (const DOMString &data)
TreeWalker createTreeWalker (Node root, unsigned long whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, bool entityReferenceExpansion)
AbstractView defaultView () const
bool designMode () const
DocumentType doctype () const
Element documentElement () const
bool execCommand (const DOMString &command, bool userInterface, const DOMString &value)
Element getElementById (const DOMString &elementId) const
NodeList getElementsByClassName (const DOMString &className)
NodeList getElementsByTagName (const DOMString &tagname)
NodeList getElementsByTagNameNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
CSSStyleDeclaration getOverrideStyle (const Element &elt, const DOMString &pseudoElt)
DOMImplementation implementation () const
Node importNode (const Node &importedNode, bool deep)
bool isHTMLDocument () const
void load (const DOMString &uri)
void loadXML (const DOMString &source)
Documentoperator= (const Document &other)
Documentoperator= (const Node &other)
DOMString preferredStylesheetSet ()
bool queryCommandEnabled (const DOMString &command)
bool queryCommandIndeterm (const DOMString &command)
bool queryCommandState (const DOMString &command)
bool queryCommandSupported (const DOMString &command)
DOMString queryCommandValue (const DOMString &command)
Element querySelector (const DOMString &query) const
NodeList querySelectorAll (const DOMString &query) const
void removeStyleSheet (const StyleSheet &sheet)
DOMString selectedStylesheetSet ()
void setAsync (bool)
void setDesignMode (bool enable)
void setSelectedStylesheetSet (const DOMString &aString)
StyleSheetList styleSheets () const
DOMString toString () const
void updateRendering ()
KHTMLViewview () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Node
 Node (const Node &other)
 Node (NodeImpl *_impl)
void addEventListener (const DOMString &type, EventListener *listener, const bool useCapture)
Node appendChild (const Node &newChild)
void applyChanges ()
NamedNodeMap attributes () const
NodeList childNodes () const
Node cloneNode (bool deep)
unsigned compareDocumentPosition (const DOM::Node &other)
bool dispatchEvent (const Event &evt)
quint32 elementId () const
Node firstChild () const
KHTML_DEPRECATED void getCursor (int offset, int &_x, int &_y, int &height)
QRect getRect ()
NodeImpl * handle () const
bool hasAttributes ()
bool hasChildNodes ()
unsigned long index () const
Node insertBefore (const Node &newChild, const Node &refChild)
bool isNull () const
bool isSupported (const DOMString &feature, const DOMString &version) const
Node lastChild () const
DOMString localName () const
DOMString namespaceURI () const
Node nextSibling () const
DOMString nodeName () const
unsigned short nodeType () const
DOMString nodeValue () const
void normalize ()
bool operator!= (const Node &other) const
Nodeoperator= (const Node &other)
bool operator== (const Node &other) const
Document ownerDocument () const
Node parentNode () const
DOMString prefix () const
Node previousSibling () const
Node removeChild (const Node &oldChild)
void removeEventListener (const DOMString &type, EventListener *listener, bool useCapture)
Node replaceChild (const Node &newChild, const Node &oldChild)
void setNodeValue (const DOMString &)
void setPrefix (const DOMString &prefix)
void setTextContent (const DOMString &text)
DOMString textContent () const

Protected Member Functions

 HTMLDocument (HTMLDocumentImpl *impl)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DOM::Node
enum  DocumentPosition {
enum  NodeType {
- Protected Attributes inherited from DOM::Node
NodeImpl * impl

Detailed Description

An HTMLDocument is the root of the HTML hierarchy and holds the entire content.

Beside providing access to the hierarchy, it also provides some convenience methods for accessing certain sets of information from the document.

The following properties have been deprecated in favor of the corresponding ones for the BODY element:

  • alinkColor
  • background
  • bgColor
  • fgColor
  • linkColor
  • vlinkColor

Definition at line 74 of file html_document.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HTMLDocument()

HTMLDocument::HTMLDocument ( KHTMLView parent)

The parent is the widget the document should render itself in.

Rendering information (like sizes, etc...) is only created if parent != 0

Definition at line 40 of file html_document.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ all()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::all ( ) const

Not part of the DOM.

A collection of all the IMG, OBJECT, AREA, A, forms and anchor elements of a document.

Definition at line 218 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ anchors()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::anchors ( ) const

A collection of all the anchor ( A ) elements in a document with a value for the name attribute.

Note. For reasons of backwards compatibility, the returned set of anchors only contains those anchors created with the name attribute, not those created with the id attribute.

Definition at line 210 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ applets()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::applets ( ) const

A collection of all the OBJECT elements that include applets and APPLET ( deprecated ) elements in a document.

Definition at line 170 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ body()

HTMLElement HTMLDocument::body ( ) const

The element that contains the content for the document.

In documents with BODY contents, returns the BODY element, and in frameset documents, this returns the outermost FRAMESET element.

Definition at line 141 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ close()

void HTMLDocument::close ( )

Closes a document stream opened by open() and forces rendering.


Definition at line 249 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ completeURL()

DOMString HTMLDocument::completeURL ( const DOMString url) const

not part of the DOM

converts the given (potentially relative) URL in a full-qualified one, using the baseURL / document URL for the missing parts.

Definition at line 109 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ cookie()

DOMString HTMLDocument::cookie ( ) const

The cookies associated with this document.

If there are none, the value is an empty string. Otherwise, the value is a string: a semicolon-delimited list of "name, value" pairs for all the cookies associated with the page. For example, name=value;expires=date .

Definition at line 226 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ domain()

DOMString HTMLDocument::domain ( ) const

The domain name of the server that served the document, or a null string if the server cannot be identified by a domain name.

Definition at line 117 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ forms()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::forms ( ) const

A collection of all the forms of a document.

Definition at line 194 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ getElementsByName()

NodeList HTMLDocument::getElementsByName ( const DOMString elementName)

Returns the (possibly empty) collection of elements whose name value is given by elementName .

elementNameThe name attribute value for an element.
The matching elements.

Definition at line 270 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ images()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::images ( ) const

A collection of all the IMG elements in a document.

The behavior is limited to IMG elements for backwards compatibility.

Definition at line 162 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ lastModified()

DOMString HTMLDocument::lastModified ( ) const

Not part of the DOM.

The date the document was last modified.

Definition at line 125 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ layers()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::layers ( ) const

A collection of all the layers of a document.

Definition at line 202 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ links()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::links ( ) const

A collection of all AREA elements and anchor ( A ) elements in a document with a value for the href attribute.

Definition at line 186 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ open()

void HTMLDocument::open ( )


This method and the ones following allow a user to add to or replace the structure model of a document using strings of unparsed HTML. At the time of writing alternate methods for providing similar functionality for both HTML and XML documents were being considered. The following methods may be deprecated at some point in the future in favor of a more general-purpose mechanism.

Open a document stream for writing. If a document exists in the target, this method clears it.


Definition at line 242 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ referrer()

DOMString HTMLDocument::referrer ( ) const

Returns the URI of the page that linked to this page.

The value is an empty string if the user navigated to the page directly (not through a link, but, for example, via a bookmark).

Definition at line 101 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ scripts()

HTMLCollection HTMLDocument::scripts ( ) const

A collection of all the scripts in the document.

Definition at line 178 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ setBody()

void HTMLDocument::setBody ( const HTMLElement _body)

see body

Definition at line 149 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ setCookie()

void HTMLDocument::setCookie ( const DOMString value)

see cookie

Definition at line 234 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ setTitle()

void HTMLDocument::setTitle ( const DOMString value)

see title

Definition at line 94 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ title()

DOMString HTMLDocument::title ( ) const

The title of a document as specified by the TITLE element in the head of the document.

Definition at line 86 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ URL()

DOMString HTMLDocument::URL ( ) const

The absolute URI of the document.

Definition at line 133 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ write()

void HTMLDocument::write ( const DOMString text)

Write a string of text to a document stream opened by open() .

The text is parsed into the document's structure model.

textThe string to be parsed into some structure in the document structure model.

Definition at line 256 of file html_document.cpp.

◆ writeln()

void HTMLDocument::writeln ( const DOMString text)

Write a string of text followed by a newline character to a document stream opened by open() .

The text is parsed into the document's structure model.

textThe string to be parsed into some structure in the document structure model.

Definition at line 263 of file html_document.cpp.

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