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DOM::HTMLTableCellElement Class Reference

#include <html_table.h>

Inheritance diagram for DOM::HTMLTableCellElement:

Public Member Functions

 HTMLTableCellElement (const HTMLTableCellElement &other)
 HTMLTableCellElement (const Node &other)
DOMString abbr () const
DOMString align () const
DOMString axis () const
DOMString bgColor () const
long cellIndex () const
DOMString ch () const
DOMString chOff () const
long colSpan () const
DOMString headers () const
DOMString height () const
bool noWrap () const
HTMLTableCellElementoperator= (const HTMLTableCellElement &other)
HTMLTableCellElementoperator= (const Node &other)
long rowSpan () const
DOMString scope () const
void setAbbr (const DOMString &)
void setAlign (const DOMString &)
void setAxis (const DOMString &)
void setBgColor (const DOMString &)
void setCellIndex (long)
void setCh (const DOMString &)
void setChOff (const DOMString &)
void setColSpan (long)
void setHeaders (const DOMString &)
void setHeight (const DOMString &)
void setNoWrap (bool)
void setRowSpan (long)
void setScope (const DOMString &)
void setVAlign (const DOMString &)
void setWidth (const DOMString &)
DOMString vAlign () const
DOMString width () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::HTMLElement
 HTMLElement (const HTMLElement &other)
 HTMLElement (const Node &other)
void addCSSProperty (const DOMString &property, const DOMString &value)
HTMLCollection all () const
HTMLCollection children () const
DOMString className () const
DOMString contentEditable () const
DOMString dir () const
DOMString id () const
DOMString innerHTML () const
DOMString innerText () const
bool isContentEditable () const
DOMString lang () const
HTMLElementoperator= (const HTMLElement &other)
HTMLElementoperator= (const Node &other)
void removeCSSProperty (const DOMString &property)
void setClassName (const DOMString &)
void setContentEditable (const DOMString &enabled)
void setDir (const DOMString &)
void setId (const DOMString &)
void setInnerHTML (const DOMString &html)
void setInnerText (const DOMString &text)
void setLang (const DOMString &)
void setTitle (const DOMString &)
DOMString title () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Element
 Element (const Element &other)
 Element (const Node &other)
unsigned long childElementCount () const
bool contentEditable () const
Element firstElementChild () const
Element form () const
DOMString getAttribute (const DOMString &name)
Attr getAttributeNode (const DOMString &name)
Attr getAttributeNodeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
DOMString getAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
NodeList getElementsByClassName (const DOMString &className)
NodeList getElementsByTagName (const DOMString &name)
NodeList getElementsByTagNameNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
bool hasAttribute (const DOMString &name)
bool hasAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
bool isHTMLElement () const
Element lastElementChild () const
Element nextElementSibling () const
Elementoperator= (const Element &other)
Elementoperator= (const Node &other)
Element previousElementSibling () const
Element querySelector (const DOMString &query) const
NodeList querySelectorAll (const DOMString &query) const
void removeAttribute (const DOMString &name)
Attr removeAttributeNode (const Attr &oldAttr)
void removeAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
void setAttribute (const DOMString &name, const DOMString &value)
Attr setAttributeNode (const Attr &newAttr)
Attr setAttributeNodeNS (const Attr &newAttr)
void setAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &qualifiedName, const DOMString &value)
void setContentEditable (bool enabled)
CSSStyleDeclaration style ()
DOMString tagName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Node
 Node (const Node &other)
 Node (NodeImpl *_impl)
void addEventListener (const DOMString &type, EventListener *listener, const bool useCapture)
Node appendChild (const Node &newChild)
void applyChanges ()
NamedNodeMap attributes () const
NodeList childNodes () const
Node cloneNode (bool deep)
unsigned compareDocumentPosition (const DOM::Node &other)
bool dispatchEvent (const Event &evt)
quint32 elementId () const
Node firstChild () const
KHTML_DEPRECATED void getCursor (int offset, int &_x, int &_y, int &height)
QRect getRect ()
NodeImpl * handle () const
bool hasAttributes ()
bool hasChildNodes ()
unsigned long index () const
Node insertBefore (const Node &newChild, const Node &refChild)
bool isNull () const
bool isSupported (const DOMString &feature, const DOMString &version) const
Node lastChild () const
DOMString localName () const
DOMString namespaceURI () const
Node nextSibling () const
DOMString nodeName () const
unsigned short nodeType () const
DOMString nodeValue () const
void normalize ()
bool operator!= (const Node &other) const
Nodeoperator= (const Node &other)
bool operator== (const Node &other) const
Document ownerDocument () const
Node parentNode () const
DOMString prefix () const
Node previousSibling () const
Node removeChild (const Node &oldChild)
void removeEventListener (const DOMString &type, EventListener *listener, bool useCapture)
Node replaceChild (const Node &newChild, const Node &oldChild)
void setNodeValue (const DOMString &)
void setPrefix (const DOMString &prefix)
void setTextContent (const DOMString &text)
DOMString textContent () const

Protected Member Functions

 HTMLTableCellElement (HTMLTableCellElementImpl *impl)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DOM::HTMLElement
 HTMLElement (HTMLElementImpl *impl)
void assignOther (const Node &other, int elementId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DOM::Element
 Element (ElementImpl *_impl)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DOM::Node
enum  DocumentPosition {
enum  NodeType {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Element
static bool khtmlMalformedPrefix (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlMalformedQualifiedName (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlValidAttrName (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlValidPrefix (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlValidQualifiedName (const DOMString &name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DOM::Node
NodeImpl * impl

Detailed Description

The object used to represent the TH and TD elements.

See the TD element definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 94 of file html_table.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ abbr()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::abbr ( ) const

Abbreviation for header cells.

See the abbr attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 127 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ align()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::align ( ) const

Horizontal alignment of data in cell.

See the align attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 142 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ axis()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::axis ( ) const

Names group of related headers.

See the axis attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 157 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ bgColor()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::bgColor ( ) const

Cell background color.

See the bgcolor attribute definition in HTML 4.0. This attribute is deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 172 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ cellIndex()

long HTMLTableCellElement::cellIndex ( ) const

The index of this cell in the row.

Definition at line 114 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ ch()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::ch ( ) const

Alignment character for cells in a column.

See the char attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 187 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ chOff()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::chOff ( ) const

Offset of alignment character.

See the charoff attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 202 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ colSpan()

long HTMLTableCellElement::colSpan ( ) const

Number of columns spanned by cell.

See the colspan attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 217 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ headers()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::headers ( ) const

List of id attribute values for header cells.

See the headers attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 233 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ height()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::height ( ) const

Cell height.

See the height attribute definition in HTML 4.0. This attribute is deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 248 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ noWrap()

bool HTMLTableCellElement::noWrap ( ) const

Suppress word wrapping.

See the nowrap attribute definition in HTML 4.0. This attribute is deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 263 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ rowSpan()

long HTMLTableCellElement::rowSpan ( ) const

Number of rows spanned by cell.

See the rowspan attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 278 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ scope()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::scope ( ) const

Scope covered by header cells.

See the scope attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 294 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setAbbr()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setAbbr ( const DOMString value)

see abbr

Definition at line 135 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setAlign()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setAlign ( const DOMString value)

see align

Definition at line 150 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setAxis()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setAxis ( const DOMString value)

see axis

Definition at line 165 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setBgColor()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setBgColor ( const DOMString value)

see bgColor

Definition at line 180 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setCellIndex()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setCellIndex ( long  )

see cellIndex

This function is obsolete - the cellIndex property is actually supposed to be read-only (

Definition at line 122 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setCh()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setCh ( const DOMString value)

see ch

Definition at line 195 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setChOff()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setChOff ( const DOMString value)

see chOff

Definition at line 210 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setColSpan()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setColSpan ( long  _colSpan)

see colSpan

Definition at line 225 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setHeaders()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setHeaders ( const DOMString value)

see headers

Definition at line 241 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setHeight()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setHeight ( const DOMString value)

see height

Definition at line 256 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setNoWrap()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setNoWrap ( bool  _noWrap)

see noWrap

Definition at line 271 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setRowSpan()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setRowSpan ( long  _rowSpan)

see rowSpan

Definition at line 286 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setScope()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setScope ( const DOMString value)

see scope

Definition at line 302 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setVAlign()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setVAlign ( const DOMString value)

see vAlign

Definition at line 317 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setWidth()

void HTMLTableCellElement::setWidth ( const DOMString value)

see width

Definition at line 332 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ vAlign()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::vAlign ( ) const

Vertical alignment of data in cell.

See the valign attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 309 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ width()

DOMString HTMLTableCellElement::width ( ) const

Cell width.

See the width attribute definition in HTML 4.0. This attribute is deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 324 of file html_table.cpp.

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