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DOM::HTMLTableElement Class Reference

#include <html_table.h>

Inheritance diagram for DOM::HTMLTableElement:

Public Member Functions

 HTMLTableElement (const HTMLTableElement &other)
 HTMLTableElement (const Node &other)
DOMString align () const
DOMString bgColor () const
DOMString border () const
HTMLTableCaptionElement caption () const
DOMString cellPadding () const
DOMString cellSpacing () const
HTMLElement createCaption ()
HTMLElement createTFoot ()
HTMLElement createTHead ()
void deleteCaption ()
void deleteRow (long index)
void deleteTFoot ()
void deleteTHead ()
DOMString frame () const
HTMLElement insertRow (long index)
HTMLTableElementoperator= (const HTMLTableElement &other)
HTMLTableElementoperator= (const Node &other)
HTMLCollection rows () const
DOMString rules () const
void setAlign (const DOMString &)
void setBgColor (const DOMString &)
void setBorder (const DOMString &)
void setCaption (const HTMLTableCaptionElement &)
void setCellPadding (const DOMString &)
void setCellSpacing (const DOMString &)
void setFrame (const DOMString &)
void setRules (const DOMString &)
void setSummary (const DOMString &)
void setTFoot (const HTMLTableSectionElement &)
void setTHead (const HTMLTableSectionElement &)
void setWidth (const DOMString &)
DOMString summary () const
HTMLCollection tBodies () const
HTMLTableSectionElement tFoot () const
HTMLTableSectionElement tHead () const
DOMString width () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::HTMLElement
 HTMLElement (const HTMLElement &other)
 HTMLElement (const Node &other)
void addCSSProperty (const DOMString &property, const DOMString &value)
HTMLCollection all () const
HTMLCollection children () const
DOMString className () const
DOMString contentEditable () const
DOMString dir () const
DOMString id () const
DOMString innerHTML () const
DOMString innerText () const
bool isContentEditable () const
DOMString lang () const
HTMLElementoperator= (const HTMLElement &other)
HTMLElementoperator= (const Node &other)
void removeCSSProperty (const DOMString &property)
void setClassName (const DOMString &)
void setContentEditable (const DOMString &enabled)
void setDir (const DOMString &)
void setId (const DOMString &)
void setInnerHTML (const DOMString &html)
void setInnerText (const DOMString &text)
void setLang (const DOMString &)
void setTitle (const DOMString &)
DOMString title () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Element
 Element (const Element &other)
 Element (const Node &other)
unsigned long childElementCount () const
bool contentEditable () const
Element firstElementChild () const
Element form () const
DOMString getAttribute (const DOMString &name)
Attr getAttributeNode (const DOMString &name)
Attr getAttributeNodeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
DOMString getAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
NodeList getElementsByClassName (const DOMString &className)
NodeList getElementsByTagName (const DOMString &name)
NodeList getElementsByTagNameNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
bool hasAttribute (const DOMString &name)
bool hasAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
bool isHTMLElement () const
Element lastElementChild () const
Element nextElementSibling () const
Elementoperator= (const Element &other)
Elementoperator= (const Node &other)
Element previousElementSibling () const
Element querySelector (const DOMString &query) const
NodeList querySelectorAll (const DOMString &query) const
void removeAttribute (const DOMString &name)
Attr removeAttributeNode (const Attr &oldAttr)
void removeAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &localName)
void setAttribute (const DOMString &name, const DOMString &value)
Attr setAttributeNode (const Attr &newAttr)
Attr setAttributeNodeNS (const Attr &newAttr)
void setAttributeNS (const DOMString &namespaceURI, const DOMString &qualifiedName, const DOMString &value)
void setContentEditable (bool enabled)
CSSStyleDeclaration style ()
DOMString tagName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Node
 Node (const Node &other)
 Node (NodeImpl *_impl)
void addEventListener (const DOMString &type, EventListener *listener, const bool useCapture)
Node appendChild (const Node &newChild)
void applyChanges ()
NamedNodeMap attributes () const
NodeList childNodes () const
Node cloneNode (bool deep)
unsigned compareDocumentPosition (const DOM::Node &other)
bool dispatchEvent (const Event &evt)
quint32 elementId () const
Node firstChild () const
KHTML_DEPRECATED void getCursor (int offset, int &_x, int &_y, int &height)
QRect getRect ()
NodeImpl * handle () const
bool hasAttributes ()
bool hasChildNodes ()
unsigned long index () const
Node insertBefore (const Node &newChild, const Node &refChild)
bool isNull () const
bool isSupported (const DOMString &feature, const DOMString &version) const
Node lastChild () const
DOMString localName () const
DOMString namespaceURI () const
Node nextSibling () const
DOMString nodeName () const
unsigned short nodeType () const
DOMString nodeValue () const
void normalize ()
bool operator!= (const Node &other) const
Nodeoperator= (const Node &other)
bool operator== (const Node &other) const
Document ownerDocument () const
Node parentNode () const
DOMString prefix () const
Node previousSibling () const
Node removeChild (const Node &oldChild)
void removeEventListener (const DOMString &type, EventListener *listener, bool useCapture)
Node replaceChild (const Node &newChild, const Node &oldChild)
void setNodeValue (const DOMString &)
void setPrefix (const DOMString &prefix)
void setTextContent (const DOMString &text)
DOMString textContent () const

Protected Member Functions

 HTMLTableElement (HTMLTableElementImpl *impl)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DOM::HTMLElement
 HTMLElement (HTMLElementImpl *impl)
void assignOther (const Node &other, int elementId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DOM::Element
 Element (ElementImpl *_impl)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DOM::Node
enum  DocumentPosition {
enum  NodeType {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Element
static bool khtmlMalformedPrefix (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlMalformedQualifiedName (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlValidAttrName (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlValidPrefix (const DOMString &name)
static bool khtmlValidQualifiedName (const DOMString &name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DOM::Node
NodeImpl * impl

Detailed Description

The create* and delete* methods on the table allow authors to construct and modify tables.

HTML 4.0 specifies that only one of each of the CAPTION , THEAD , and TFOOT elements may exist in a table. Therefore, if one exists, and the createTHead() or createTFoot() method is called, the method returns the existing THead or TFoot element. See the TABLE element definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 448 of file html_table.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ align()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::align ( ) const

Specifies the table's position with respect to the rest of the document.

See the align attribute definition in HTML 4.0. This attribute is deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 561 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ bgColor()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::bgColor ( ) const

Cell background color.

See the bgcolor attribute definition in HTML 4.0. This attribute is deprecated in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 576 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ border()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::border ( ) const

The width of the border around the table.

See the border attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 591 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ caption()

HTMLTableCaptionElement HTMLTableElement::caption ( ) const

Returns the table's CAPTION , or void if none exists.

Definition at line 498 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ cellPadding()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::cellPadding ( ) const

Specifies the horizontal and vertical space between cell content and cell borders.

See the cellpadding attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 606 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ cellSpacing()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::cellSpacing ( ) const

Specifies the horizontal and vertical separation between cells.

See the cellspacing attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 621 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ createCaption()

HTMLElement HTMLTableElement::createCaption ( )

Create a new table caption object or return an existing one.

A CAPTION element.

Definition at line 726 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ createTFoot()

HTMLElement HTMLTableElement::createTFoot ( )

Create a table footer row or return an existing one.

A footer element ( TFOOT ).

Definition at line 711 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ createTHead()

HTMLElement HTMLTableElement::createTHead ( )

Create a table header row or return an existing one.

A new table header element ( THEAD ).

Definition at line 696 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ deleteCaption()

void HTMLTableElement::deleteCaption ( )

Delete the table caption, if one exists.


Definition at line 734 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ deleteRow()

void HTMLTableElement::deleteRow ( long  index)

Delete a table row.

indexThe index of the row to be deleted. This index starts from 0 and is relative to the logical order (not document order) of all the rows contained inside the table. If the index is -1 the last row in the table is deleted.

Definition at line 754 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ deleteTFoot()

void HTMLTableElement::deleteTFoot ( )

Delete the footer from the table, if one exists.


Definition at line 719 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ deleteTHead()

void HTMLTableElement::deleteTHead ( )

Delete the header from the table, if one exists.


Definition at line 704 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ frame()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::frame ( ) const

Specifies which external table borders to render.

See the frame attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 636 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ insertRow()

HTMLElement HTMLTableElement::insertRow ( long  index)

Insert a new empty row in the table.

The new row is inserted immediately before and in the same section as the current indexth row in the table. If index is -1 or equal to the number of rows, the new row is appended. In addition, when the table is empty the row is inserted into a TBODY which is created and inserted into the table. Note. A table row cannot be empty according to HTML 4.0 Recommendation.

indexThe row number where to insert a new row. The index starts from 0 and is relative to the logical order (not document order) of all the rows contained inside the table.
The newly created row.

Definition at line 741 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ rows()

HTMLCollection HTMLTableElement::rows ( ) const

Returns a collection of all the rows in the table, including all in THEAD , TFOOT , all TBODY elements.

Definition at line 545 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ rules()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::rules ( ) const

Specifies which internal table borders to render.

See the rules attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 651 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setAlign()

void HTMLTableElement::setAlign ( const DOMString value)

see align

Definition at line 569 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setBgColor()

void HTMLTableElement::setBgColor ( const DOMString value)

see bgColor

Definition at line 584 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setBorder()

void HTMLTableElement::setBorder ( const DOMString value)

see border

Definition at line 599 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setCaption()

void HTMLTableElement::setCaption ( const HTMLTableCaptionElement _caption)

see caption

Definition at line 506 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setCellPadding()

void HTMLTableElement::setCellPadding ( const DOMString value)

see cellPadding

Definition at line 614 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setCellSpacing()

void HTMLTableElement::setCellSpacing ( const DOMString value)

see cellSpacing

Definition at line 629 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setFrame()

void HTMLTableElement::setFrame ( const DOMString value)

see frame

Definition at line 644 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setRules()

void HTMLTableElement::setRules ( const DOMString value)

see rules

Definition at line 659 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setSummary()

void HTMLTableElement::setSummary ( const DOMString value)

see summary

Definition at line 674 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setTFoot()

void HTMLTableElement::setTFoot ( const HTMLTableSectionElement _tFoot)

see tFoot

Definition at line 537 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setTHead()

void HTMLTableElement::setTHead ( const HTMLTableSectionElement _tHead)

see tHead

Definition at line 521 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ setWidth()

void HTMLTableElement::setWidth ( const DOMString value)

see width

Definition at line 689 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ summary()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::summary ( ) const

Supplementary description about the purpose or structure of a table.

See the summary attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 666 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ tBodies()

HTMLCollection HTMLTableElement::tBodies ( ) const

Returns a collection of the table bodies (including implicit ones).

Definition at line 553 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ tFoot()

HTMLTableSectionElement HTMLTableElement::tFoot ( ) const

Returns the table's TFOOT , or null if none exists.

Definition at line 529 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ tHead()

HTMLTableSectionElement HTMLTableElement::tHead ( ) const

Returns the table's THEAD , or null if none exists.

Definition at line 513 of file html_table.cpp.

◆ width()

DOMString HTMLTableElement::width ( ) const

Specifies the desired table width.

See the width attribute definition in HTML 4.0.

Definition at line 681 of file html_table.cpp.

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