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#include <dom2_events.h>

Inheritance diagram for DOM::MutationEvent:

Public Types

enum  attrChangeType { MODIFICATION = 1, ADDITION = 2, REMOVAL = 3 }
- Public Types inherited from DOM::Event
enum  PhaseType { CAPTURING_PHASE = 1, AT_TARGET = 2, BUBBLING_PHASE = 3 }

Public Member Functions

 MutationEvent (const Event &other)
 MutationEvent (const MutationEvent &other)
unsigned short attrChange () const
DOMString attrName () const
void initMutationEvent (const DOMString &typeArg, bool canBubbleArg, bool cancelableArg, const Node &relatedNodeArg, const DOMString &prevValueArg, const DOMString &newValueArg, const DOMString &attrNameArg, unsigned short attrChangeArg)
DOMString newValue () const
MutationEventoperator= (const Event &other)
MutationEventoperator= (const MutationEvent &other)
DOMString prevValue () const
Node relatedNode () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Event
 Event (const Event &other)
 Event (EventImpl *i)
bool bubbles () const
bool cancelable () const
Node currentTarget () const
unsigned short eventPhase () const
EventImpl * handle () const
void initEvent (const DOMString &eventTypeArg, bool canBubbleArg, bool cancelableArg)
bool isNull () const
Eventoperator= (const Event &other)
void preventDefault ()
void stopPropagation ()
Node target () const
DOMTimeStamp timeStamp () const
DOMString type () const

Protected Member Functions

 MutationEvent (MutationEventImpl *impl)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from DOM::Event
EventImpl * impl

Detailed Description

Introduced in DOM Level 2.

The MutationEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with Mutation events.

Definition at line 774 of file dom2_events.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ attrChangeType

An integer indicating in which way the Attr was changed.

ADDITION: The Attr was just added.

MODIFICATION: The Attr was modified in place.

REMOVAL: The Attr was just removed.

Definition at line 794 of file dom2_events.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ attrChange()

unsigned short MutationEvent::attrChange ( ) const

attrChange indicates the type of change which triggered the DOMAttrModified event.


Definition at line 753 of file dom2_events.cpp.

◆ attrName()

DOMString MutationEvent::attrName ( ) const

attrName indicates the name of the changed Attr node in a DOMAttrModified event.

Definition at line 744 of file dom2_events.cpp.

◆ initMutationEvent()

void MutationEvent::initMutationEvent ( const DOMString typeArg,
bool  canBubbleArg,
bool  cancelableArg,
const Node relatedNodeArg,
const DOMString prevValueArg,
const DOMString newValueArg,
const DOMString attrNameArg,
unsigned short  attrChangeArg 

The initMutationEvent method is used to initialize the value of a MutationEvent created through the DocumentEvent interface.

This method may only be called before the MutationEvent has been dispatched via the dispatchEvent method, though it may be called multiple times during that phase if necessary. If called multiple times, the final invocation takes precedence.

typeArgSpecifies the event type.
canBubbleArgSpecifies whether or not the event can bubble.
cancelableArgSpecifies whether or not the event's default action can be prevented.
relatedNodeArgSpecifies the Event's related Node.
prevValueArgSpecifies the Event's prevValue attribute. This value may be null.
newValueArgSpecifies the Event's newValue attribute. This value may be null.
attrNameArgSpecifies the Event's attrName attribute. This value may be null.
attrChangeArgSpecifies the Event's attrChange attribute

Definition at line 762 of file dom2_events.cpp.

◆ newValue()

DOMString MutationEvent::newValue ( ) const

newValue indicates the new value of the Attr node in DOMAttrModified events, and of the CharacterData node in DOMCharDataModified events.

Definition at line 735 of file dom2_events.cpp.

◆ prevValue()

DOMString MutationEvent::prevValue ( ) const

prevValue indicates the previous value of the Attr node in DOMAttrModified events, and of the CharacterData node in DOMCharDataModified events.

Definition at line 726 of file dom2_events.cpp.

◆ relatedNode()

Node MutationEvent::relatedNode ( ) const

relatedNode is used to identify a secondary node related to a mutation event.

For example, if a mutation event is dispatched to a node indicating that its parent has changed, the relatedNode is the changed parent. If an event is instead dispatched to a subtree indicating a node was changed within it, the relatedNode is the changed node. In the case of the DOMAttrModified event it indicates the Attr node which was modified, added, or removed.

Definition at line 717 of file dom2_events.cpp.

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