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DOM::TextEvent Class Reference

#include <dom2_events.h>

Inheritance diagram for DOM::TextEvent:

Public Member Functions

 TextEvent (const Event &other)
 TextEvent (const TextEvent &other)
DOMString data () const
void initTextEvent (const DOMString &typeArg, bool canBubbleArg, bool cancelableArg, const AbstractView &viewArg, const DOMString &dataArg)
TextEventoperator= (const Event &other)
TextEventoperator= (const TextEvent &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::UIEvent
 UIEvent (const Event &other)
 UIEvent (const UIEvent &other)
int charCode () const
long detail () const
void initUIEvent (const DOMString &typeArg, bool canBubbleArg, bool cancelableArg, const AbstractView &viewArg, long detailArg)
int keyCode () const
int layerX () const
int layerY () const
UIEventoperator= (const Event &other)
UIEventoperator= (const UIEvent &other)
int pageX () const
int pageY () const
AbstractView view () const
int which () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DOM::Event
 Event (const Event &other)
 Event (EventImpl *i)
bool bubbles () const
bool cancelable () const
Node currentTarget () const
unsigned short eventPhase () const
EventImpl * handle () const
void initEvent (const DOMString &eventTypeArg, bool canBubbleArg, bool cancelableArg)
bool isNull () const
Eventoperator= (const Event &other)
void preventDefault ()
void stopPropagation ()
Node target () const
DOMTimeStamp timeStamp () const
DOMString type () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DOM::Event
enum  PhaseType { CAPTURING_PHASE = 1, AT_TARGET = 2, BUBBLING_PHASE = 3 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DOM::UIEvent
 UIEvent (UIEventImpl *impl)
- Protected Attributes inherited from DOM::Event
EventImpl * impl

Detailed Description

Introduced in DOM Level 3.

DOM::TextEvent is used to indicate actual text entry during text input. It corresponds to the HTML keypress events

Definition at line 565 of file dom2_events.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ data()

DOMString DOM::TextEvent::data ( ) const

data of type DOMString, readonly

data holds the value of the characters generated by the character device. This may be a single Unicode character or a non-empty sequence of Unicode characters [Unicode]. Characters should be normalized as defined by the Unicode normalization form NFC, defined in [UTR #15]. Note: while the DOM spec specifies that the string never be empty, KHTML can not guarantee that

◆ initTextEvent()

void TextEvent::initTextEvent ( const DOMString typeArg,
bool  canBubbleArg,
bool  cancelableArg,
const AbstractView viewArg,
const DOMString dataArg 

initTextEvent The initTextEvent method is used to initialize the value of a TextEvent object and has the same behavior as UIEvent.initUIEvent().

The value of UIEvent.detail remains undefined.


Specifies the event type. canBubbleArg of type boolean Specifies whether or not the event can bubble. cancelableArg of type boolean Specifies whether or not the event's default action can be prevent. viewArg of type views::AbstractView Specifies the TextEvent's AbstractView. dataArg of type DOMString Specifies

Definition at line 577 of file dom2_events.cpp.

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