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#include <loader.h>

Inheritance diagram for khtml::CachedCSSStyleSheet:

Public Member Functions

 CachedCSSStyleSheet (const DOM::DOMString &url, const QString &stylesheet_data)
 CachedCSSStyleSheet (DocLoader *dl, const DOM::DOMString &url, KIO::CacheControl cachePolicy, const char *accept)
QString checkCharset (const QByteArray &buffer) const
void data (QBuffer &buffer, bool eof) override
void error (int err, const char *text) override
void ref (CachedObjectClient *consumer) override
void setCharset (const QString &charset) override
void setCharsetHint (const QString &charset)
const DOM::DOMStringsheet () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from khtml::CachedObject
 CachedObject (const DOM::DOMString &url, Type type, KIO::CacheControl _cachePolicy, int size)
QString accept () const
int accessCount () const
KIO::CacheControl cachePolicy () const
bool canDelete () const
QTextCodeccodecForBuffer (const QString &charset, const QByteArray &buffer) const
int count () const
void decreasePreloadCount ()
virtual void deref (CachedObjectClient *consumer)
virtual void finish ()
bool free () const
bool hadError () const
void increasePreloadCount ()
bool isExpired () const
bool isLoaded () const
bool isPreloaded () const
QString mimetype () const
PreloadResult preloadResult () const
void setAccept (const QString &_accept)
void setExpireDate (const QDateTime &_expireDate)
void setProspectiveRequest ()
void setRequest (Request *_request)
void setStatus (Status s)
int size () const
Status status () const
Type type () const
const DOM::DOMStringurl () const

Protected Member Functions

void checkNotify ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from khtml::CachedObject
void setSize (int size)

Protected Attributes

QString m_charset
QString m_charsetHint
int m_err
QString m_errText
DOM::DOMString m_sheet
- Protected Attributes inherited from khtml::CachedObject
QString m_accept
int m_accessCount
KIO::CacheControl m_cachePolicy
QHash< CachedObjectClient *, CachedObjectClient * > m_clients
bool m_deleted: 1
QDateTime m_expireDate
bool m_free: 1
bool m_hadError: 1
bool m_loading: 1
QString m_mimetype
unsigned m_preloadCount
PreloadResult m_preloadResult: 3
bool m_prospectiveRequest: 1
int m_size
Status m_status
Type m_type
DOM::DOMString m_url
bool m_wasBlocked: 1

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from khtml::CachedObject
enum  PreloadResult { PreloadNotReferenced = 0, PreloadReferenced, PreloadReferencedWhileLoading, PreloadReferencedWhileComplete }
enum  Status {
  Unknown, New, Pending, Persistent,
enum  Type {
  Image, CSSStyleSheet, Script, Sound,

Detailed Description

a cached style sheet.

also used for loading xml documents.

rename to CachedTextDoc or something since it's more generic than just for css

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