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khtml::DocLoader Class Reference

#include <loader.h>

Public Member Functions

 DocLoader (KHTMLPart *, DOM::DocumentImpl *)
bool autoloadImages () const
KIO::CacheControl cachePolicy () const
void clearPreloads ()
DOM::DocumentImpldoc () const
QDateTime expireDate () const
void insertCachedObject (CachedObject *o) const
KHTMLPartpart () const
void printPreloadStats ()
void registerPreload (CachedObject *)
void removeCachedObject (CachedObject *o) const
CachedFontrequestFont (const DOM::DOMString &url)
CachedImagerequestImage (const DOM::DOMString &url)
CachedScriptrequestScript (const DOM::DOMString &url, const QString &charset)
CachedSoundrequestSound (const DOM::DOMString &url)
CachedCSSStyleSheetrequestStyleSheet (const DOM::DOMString &url, const QString &charsetHint, const char *accept="text/css", bool userSheet=false)
void setAutoloadImages (bool)
void setCacheCreationDate (const QDateTime &)
void setCachePolicy (KIO::CacheControl cachePolicy)
void setExpireDate (const QDateTime &)
void setRelativeExpireDate (qint64 seconds)
void setShowAnimations (KHTMLSettings::KAnimationAdvice)
KHTMLSettings::KAnimationAdvice showAnimations () const
bool willLoadMediaElement (const DOM::DOMString &url)

Detailed Description

Manages the loading of scripts/images/stylesheets for a particular document

Definition at line 523 of file loader.h.

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