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#include <render_container.h>

Inheritance diagram for khtml::RenderContainer:

Public Member Functions

 RenderContainer (DOM::NodeImpl *node)
void addChild (RenderObject *newChild, RenderObject *beforeChild=nullptr) override
void appendChildNode (RenderObject *child) override
void calcMinMaxWidth () override
bool childAllowed () const override
RenderObjectfirstChild () const override
void insertChildNode (RenderObject *child, RenderObject *before) override
RenderObjectlastChild () const override
void layout () override
RenderPosition positionForCoordinates (int x, int y) override
RenderObjectremoveChildNode (RenderObject *child) override
void removeSuperfluousAnonymousBlockChild (RenderObject *child) override
void setStyle (RenderStyle *_style) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from khtml::RenderObject
 RenderObject (DOM::NodeImpl *node)
virtual bool absolutePosition (int &, int &, bool fixed=false) const
virtual AffineTransform absoluteTransform () const
void addLayers (RenderLayer *parentLayer, RenderObject *newObject)
virtual bool afterPageBreak () const
virtual void attach ()
bool attached ()
virtual int availableHeight () const
virtual short baselinePosition (bool firstLine) const
virtual bool beforePageBreak () const
virtual int borderBottom () const
virtual int borderBottomExtra () const
virtual int borderLeft () const
virtual int borderRight () const
virtual int borderTop () const
virtual int borderTopExtra () const
void calcBorderRadii (QPoint &topLeftRadii, QPoint &topRightRadii, QPoint &bottomLeftRadii, QPoint &bottomRightRadii, int w, int h) const
virtual void calcHeight ()
virtual void calcVerticalMargins ()
virtual void calcWidth ()
virtual bool canClear (RenderObject *, PageBreakLevel level)
RenderCanvas * canvas () const
virtual long caretMaxOffset () const
virtual unsigned long caretMaxRenderedOffset () const
virtual long caretMinOffset () const
virtual void caretPos (int offset, int flags, int &_x, int &_y, int &width, int &height) const
virtual bool childrenInline () const
int clientHeight () const
int clientLeft () const
QRectF clientRectToViewport (const QRectF &rect)
int clientTop () const
short clientWidth () const
virtual QRect clipRect (int, int)
virtual void close ()
short collapsedMarginBottom () const
short collapsedMarginTop () const
virtual void collectBorders (QList< CollapsedBorderValue > &borderStyles)
RenderObjectcontainer () const
RenderBlock * containingBlock () const
virtual int containingBlockHeight (RenderObject *providedCB=nullptr) const
virtual short containingBlockWidth (RenderObject *providedCB=nullptr) const
virtual bool containsFloat (RenderObject *) const
virtual bool containsPageBreak () const
virtual int contentHeight () const
virtual short contentWidth () const
virtual RenderFlowcontinuation () const
virtual InlineBox * createInlineBox (bool makePlaceHolderBox, bool isRootLineBox)
virtual int crossesPageBreak (int top, int bottom) const
virtual void deleteInlineBoxes (RenderArena *arena=nullptr)
virtual void detach ()
void detachCounters ()
void dirtyFormattingContext (bool checkContainer)
virtual void dirtyInlineBoxes (bool, bool=false)
virtual void dirtyLinesFromChangedChild (RenderObject *)
DOM::DocumentImpldocument () const
bool documentBeingDestroyed () const
bool doNotDelete () const
DOM::NodeImpl * draggableNode (bool dhtmlOK, bool uaOK, bool &dhtmlWillDrag) const
void drawBorder (QPainter *p, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, BorderSide s, QColor c, const QColor &textcolor, EBorderStyle style, int adjbw1, int adjbw2, bool invalidisInvert=false, qreal *dashOffset=nullptr)
void drawBorderArc (QPainter *p, int x, int y, float horThickness, float vertThickness, const QPoint &radius, int angleStart, int angleSpan, const QBrush &brush, const QColor &textColor, EBorderStyle style, qreal *dashOffset=nullptr) const
int effectiveHeight () const
int effectiveWidth () const
int effectiveXPos () const
int effectiveYPos () const
DOM::NodeImpl * element () const
RenderLayer * enclosingLayer () const
RenderLayer * enclosingStackingContext () const
RenderLayer * findNextLayer (RenderLayer *parentLayer, RenderObject *startPoint, bool checkParent=true)
RenderObjectfirstLeafChild () const
bool flowAroundFloats () const
const QFontfont (bool firstLine) const
const QFontMetricsfontMetrics (bool firstLine) const
virtual int getBaselineOfFirstLineBox ()
virtual QList< QRectFgetClientRects ()
CounterNode * getCounter (const DOMString &counter, bool view=false, bool counters=false)
virtual InlineFlowBox * getFirstLineBox ()
void getTextDecorationColors (int decorations, QColor &underline, QColor &overline, QColor &linethrough, bool quirksMode=false)
short getVerticalPosition (bool firstLine, RenderObject *ref=nullptr) const
virtual bool handleEvent (const DOM::EventImpl &)
bool hasClip () const
bool hasCounter (const DOMString &counter) const
bool hasFirstLine () const
virtual bool hasFloats () const
bool hasOverflowClip () const
virtual bool hasOverhangingFloats () const
bool hasStaticX () const
bool hasStaticY () const
virtual int height () const
virtual int highestPosition (bool=true, bool=true) const
virtual InlineBox * inlineBox (long offset=0)
virtual int inlineXPos () const
virtual int inlineYPos () const
bool inPosObjectList () const
virtual int intrinsicHeight () const
virtual short intrinsicWidth () const
bool isAnonymous () const
bool isAnonymousBlock () const
virtual bool isApplet () const
virtual bool isBlockFlow () const
virtual bool isBody () const
virtual bool isBottomMarginQuirk () const
virtual bool isBox () const
virtual bool isBR () const
virtual bool isCanvas () const
bool isCompact () const
virtual bool isCounter () const
bool isDragging () const
virtual bool isEditable () const
bool isFloating () const
bool isFloatingOrPositioned () const
virtual bool isFormElement () const
virtual bool isFrameSet () const
virtual bool isGlyph () const
virtual bool isHidden () const
bool isHR () const
bool isHTMLMarquee () const
bool isInline () const
virtual bool isInlineBlockOrInlineTable () const
virtual bool isInlineContinuation () const
virtual bool isInlineFlow () const
virtual bool isListItem () const
virtual bool isListMarker () const
virtual bool isMedia () const
virtual bool isPointInsideSelection (int x, int y, const DOM::Selection &) const
bool isPositioned () const
bool isPosWithStaticDim () const
bool isPseudoAnonymous () const
virtual bool isQuote () const
bool isRelPositioned () const
virtual bool isRenderBlock () const
virtual bool isRenderInline () const
virtual bool isRenderPath () const
virtual bool isRenderReplaced () const
bool isReplaced () const
bool isReplacedBlock () const
bool isRoot () const
bool isRunIn () const
bool isSelectionBorder () const
virtual bool isSelfCollapsingBlock () const
virtual bool isSVGContainer () const
virtual bool isSVGHiddenContainer () const
virtual bool isSVGRoot () const
virtual bool isSVGText () const
virtual bool isTable () const
virtual bool isTableCell () const
virtual bool isTableCol () const
virtual bool isTableRow () const
virtual bool isTableSection () const
bool isText () const
virtual bool isTopMarginQuirk () const
virtual bool isWidget () const
bool isWordBreak () const
RenderObjectlastLeafChild () const
virtual RenderLayer * layer () const
void layoutIfNeeded ()
virtual int leftmostPosition (bool=true, bool=true) const
virtual unsigned int length () const
virtual short lineHeight (bool firstLine) const
virtual AffineTransform localTransform () const
virtual int lowestPosition (bool=true, bool=true) const
virtual short marginBottom () const
virtual short marginLeft () const
virtual short marginRight () const
virtual short marginTop () const
virtual void markAllDescendantsWithFloatsForLayout (RenderObject *=nullptr)
void markContainingBlocksForLayout ()
bool markedForRepaint () const
virtual short maxBottomMargin (bool positive) const
int maximalOutlineSize (PaintAction p) const
virtual short maxTopMargin (bool positive) const
virtual int maxWidth () const
bool minMaxKnown () const
virtual short minWidth () const
bool mouseInside () const
void moveLayers (RenderLayer *oldParent, RenderLayer *newParent)
bool needsLayout () const
virtual bool needsPageClear () const
RenderObjectnextEditable () const
RenderObjectnextRenderer () const
RenderObjectnextSibling () const
DOM::NodeImpl * node () const
virtual bool nodeAtPoint (NodeInfo &info, int x, int y, int tx, int ty, HitTestAction, bool inside=false)
bool normalChildNeedsLayout () const
RenderObjectobjectAbove () const
RenderObjectobjectBelow () const
virtual int offsetHeight () const
virtual int offsetLeft () const
virtual RenderObjectoffsetParent () const
virtual int offsetTop () const
virtual short offsetWidth () const
void operator delete (void *ptr, size_t sz)
void * operator new (size_t sz, RenderArena *renderArena) throw ()
virtual QRect overflowClipRect (int, int)
virtual int overflowHeight () const
virtual int overflowLeft () const
virtual int overflowTop () const
virtual int overflowWidth () const
virtual int paddingBottom () const
virtual int paddingLeft () const
virtual int paddingRight () const
virtual int paddingTop () const
virtual int pageTopAfter (int y) const
virtual void paint (PaintInfo &i, int tx, int ty)
virtual void paintBackgroundExtended (QPainter *, const QColor &, const BackgroundLayer *, QRect, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int, int)
void paintBorder (QPainter *p, int _tx, int _ty, int w, int h, const RenderStyle *style, bool begin=true, bool end=true)
virtual void paintBoxDecorations (PaintInfo &, int, int)
void paintOutline (QPainter *p, int _tx, int _ty, int w, int h, const RenderStyle *style)
RenderObjectparent () const
bool posChildNeedsLayout () const
virtual void position (InlineBox *, int, int, bool)
virtual void positionChildLayers ()
RenderObjectpreviousEditable () const
RenderObjectpreviousRenderer () const
RenderObjectpreviousSibling () const
bool recalcMinMax () const
void recalcMinMaxWidths ()
virtual FloatRect relativeBBox (bool includeStroke=false) const
void remove ()
virtual void removeChild (RenderObject *oldChild)
void removeFromObjectLists ()
virtual void removeInlineBox (InlineBox *)
void removeLayers (RenderLayer *parentLayer)
RenderArena * renderArena () const
virtual const char * renderName () const
virtual void repaint (Priority p=NormalPriority)
void repaintDuringLayout ()
virtual void repaintRectangle (int x, int y, int w, int h, Priority p=NormalPriority, bool f=false)
virtual bool requiresLayer () const
virtual int rightmostPosition (bool=true, bool=true) const
void scheduleRelayout (RenderObject *clippedObj=nullptr)
virtual int scrollHeight () const
bool scrollsOverflow () const
bool scrollsOverflowX () const
bool scrollsOverflowY () const
virtual short scrollWidth () const
virtual SelectionState selectionState () const
bool selfNeedsLayout () const
void setAfterPageBreak (bool b=true)
void setBeforePageBreak (bool b=true)
void setChildNeedsLayout (bool b, bool markParents=true)
void setContainsPageBreak (bool b=true)
void setDoNotDelete (bool b)
void setFloating (bool b=true)
void setHasOverflowClip (bool b=true)
virtual void setHeight (int)
void setInline (bool b=true)
void setInnerNode (NodeInfo &info)
void setInPosObjectList (bool b=true)
void setIsAnonymous (bool b)
void setIsRoot (bool b)
void setIsSelectionBorder (bool b=true)
void setMarkedForRepaint (bool m)
void setMinMaxKnown (bool b=true)
void setMouseInside (bool b=true)
void setNeedsLayout (bool b, bool markParents=true)
void setNeedsLayoutAndMinMaxRecalc ()
void setNeedsPageClear (bool b=true)
void setNextSibling (RenderObject *next)
void setParent (RenderObject *parent)
virtual void setPos (int, int)
void setPositioned (bool b=true)
void setPreviousSibling (RenderObject *previous)
void setRelPositioned (bool b=true)
void setRenderText ()
void setReplaced (bool b=true)
virtual void setSelectionState (SelectionState)
void setShouldPaintBackgroundOrBorder (bool b=true)
virtual void setWidth (int)
bool shouldPaintBackgroundOrBorder () const
bool shouldSelect () const
bool sizesToMaxWidth () const
RenderStyle * style () const
RenderStyle * style (bool firstLine) const
void updateBackgroundImages (RenderStyle *oldStyle)
virtual void updateFromElement ()
void updatePixmap (const QRect &, CachedImage *) override
bool usesLineWidth () const
virtual short verticalPositionHint (bool firstLine) const
QRegion visibleFlowRegion (int x, int y) const
virtual short width () const
virtual int xPos () const
virtual int yPos () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from khtml::CachedObjectClient
virtual void error (int err, const QString &text)
virtual void notifyFinished (CachedObject *)
virtual void setStyleSheet (const DOM::DOMString &, const DOM::DOMString &, const DOM::DOMString &, const DOM::DOMString &)

Protected Member Functions

void addPseudoContainer (RenderObject *child)
void createGeneratedContent ()
RenderContainerpseudoContainer (RenderStyle::PseudoId type) const
void updatePseudoChild (RenderStyle::PseudoId type)
void updatePseudoChildren ()
void updateReplacedContent ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from khtml::RenderObject
void arenaDelete (RenderArena *arena)
bool attemptDirectLayerTranslation ()
void insertCounter (const DOMString &counter, CounterNode *value)
void invalidateVerticalPosition ()
CounterNode * lookupCounter (const DOMString &counter) const
virtual void selectionStartEnd (int &spos, int &epos)
void setDetached ()
void updateWidgetMasks ()
virtual QRect viewRect () const

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from khtml::RenderObject
enum  BorderSide { BSTop, BSBottom, BSLeft, BSRight }
enum  CaretFlags { CFOverride = 0x01, CFOutside = 0x02, CFOutsideEnd = 0x04 }
enum  SelectionState {
  SelectionNone, SelectionStart, SelectionInside, SelectionEnd,
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from khtml::RenderObject
static KHTML_EXPORT void cleanup ()
static RenderObjectcreateObject (DOM::NodeImpl *node, RenderStyle *style)

Detailed Description

Base class for rendering objects that can have children.

Definition at line 33 of file render_container.h.

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