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#include <render_flow.h>

Inherits khtml::RenderBox.

Inherited by khtml::RenderBlock, and khtml::RenderInline.

Public Member Functions

 RenderFlow (DOM::NodeImpl *node)
void addChild (RenderObject *newChild, RenderObject *beforeChild=nullptr) override
virtual void addChildToFlow (RenderObject *newChild, RenderObject *beforeChild)=0
void addChildWithContinuation (RenderObject *newChild, RenderObject *beforeChild)
void attachLineBox (InlineFlowBox *box)
RenderFlowcontinuation () const override
RenderFlowcontinuationBefore (const RenderObject *beforeChild)
InlineBox * createInlineBox (bool makePlaceHolderBox, bool isRootLineBox) override
void deleteInlineBoxes (RenderArena *arena=nullptr) override
virtual void deleteLastLineBox (RenderArena *arena=nullptr)
void detach () override
void dirtyInlineBoxes (bool fullLayout, bool isRootLineBox=false) override
void dirtyLinesFromChangedChild (RenderObject *child) override
void extractLineBox (InlineFlowBox *box)
InlineFlowBox * firstLineBox () const
QList< QRectFgetClientRects () override
int highestPosition (bool includeOverflowInterior=true, bool includeSelf=true) const override
bool hitTestLines (NodeInfo &i, int x, int y, int tx, int ty, HitTestAction hitTestAction)
InlineFlowBox * lastLineBox () const
int leftmostPosition (bool includeOverflowInterior=true, bool includeSelf=true) const override
int lowestPosition (bool includeOverflowInterior=true, bool includeSelf=true) const override
void paintLines (PaintInfo &i, int _tx, int _ty)
void removeInlineBox (InlineBox *box) override
void repaint (Priority p=NormalPriority) override
int rightmostPosition (bool includeOverflowInterior=true, bool includeSelf=true) const override
void setContinuation (RenderFlow *c)

Static Public Member Functions

static RenderFlowcreateFlow (DOM::NodeImpl *node, RenderStyle *style, RenderArena *arena)

Protected Attributes

InlineFlowBox * m_firstLineBox
InlineFlowBox * m_lastLineBox

Detailed Description

all geometry managing stuff is only in the block elements.

Inline elements don't layout themselves, but the whole paragraph gets flowed by the surrounding block element. This is, because one needs to know the whole paragraph to calculate bidirectional behaviour of text, so putting the layouting routines in the inline elements is impossible.

Definition at line 44 of file render_flow.h.

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