Deprecated List
Member DOM::HTMLAppletElement::hspace () const
Member DOM::HTMLAppletElement::setHspace (const DOMString &value)
Member DOM::HTMLAppletElement::setVspace (const DOMString &)
Member DOM::HTMLAppletElement::vspace () const
Member DOM::HTMLBaseFontElement::setSize (const DOMString &)
Member DOM::HTMLBaseFontElement::size () const
Member DOM::HTMLImageElement::border () const
Member DOM::HTMLImageElement::setBorder (long)
Member DOM::HTMLInputElement::setSize (const DOMString &)
Member DOM::HTMLInputElement::size () const
Member DOM::HTMLObjectElement::hspace () const
Member DOM::HTMLObjectElement::setHspace (const DOMString &)
Member DOM::HTMLObjectElement::setVspace (const DOMString &)
Member DOM::HTMLObjectElement::vspace () const
Member DOM::Node::getCursor (int offset, int &_x, int &_y, int &height)
without substitution since 3.2
Member DOM::RGBColor::RGBColor (const QColor &c)
Member KHTMLPart::executeScript (const QString &script)
, use executeString( DOM::Node(), script)
Member KHTMLSettings::isBackRightClickEnabled ()
do not use, feature was moved to be only in konqueror
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