HTML rendering engine


KHTML is a web rendering engine, based on the KParts technology and using KJS for JavaScript support.


If you are using CMake, you need to have

find_package(KF5KHtml NO_MODULE)

(or similar) in your CMakeLists.txt file, and you need to link to KF5::KHtml.

To use KHTML in your application, create an instance of KHTMLPart, embed it in your application like any other KPart, and call methods to control what it displays:

QUrl url("");
KHTMLPart *w = new KHTMLPart();
w->view()->resize(500, 400);


Note that using KHTMLPart may introduce security vulnerabilities and unnecessary bloat to your application. Qt's text widgets are rich-text capable, and will interpret a limited subset of HTML.

Another option is to use KDEWebKit, WebKit is a fork of KHTML with substantial industry support.

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