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CookieJar Class Reference

#include <KIO/AccessManager>

Detailed Description

A KDE implementation of QNetworkCookieJar.

Use this class in place of QNetworkCookieJar if you want to integrate with KDE's cookiejar instead of the one that comes with Qt.

Here is a simple example that shows how to set the QtWebKit module to use KDE's cookiejar:

QWebView *view = new QWebView(this);
KIO::Integration::CookieJar *cookieJar = new KIO::Integration::CookieJar;

To access member functions in the cookiejar class at a later point in your code simply downcast the pointer returned by QNetworkAccessManager::cookieJar as follows:

KIO::Integration::CookieJar *cookieJar = qobject_cast<KIO::Integration::CookieJar*>(view->page()->accessManager()->cookieJar());

IMPORTANTThis class is not a replacement for the standard KDE API. It should ONLY be used to provide KDE integration in applications that cannot use the standard KDE API directly.

See also
QNetworkAccessManager::setCookieJar for details.
Dawit Alemayehu <adawit @>
since 5.107, use QNetworkCookieJar

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