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org::kde::kirigami::ApplicationItem Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for org::kde::kirigami::ApplicationItem:


alias pageStack
- Properties inherited from org::kde::kirigami::AbstractApplicationItem
alias __data
Item activeFocusItem
Item background
color color
Item contentItem
OverlayDrawer contextDrawer
bool controlsVisible
font font
Item footer
OverlayDrawer globalDrawer
Item header
Locale locale
Item menuBar
alias overlay
Item pageStack
var palette
bool reachableMode
bool reachableModeEnabled
bool wideScreen

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from org::kde::kirigami::AbstractApplicationItem
void applicationWindow ()
void hidePassiveNotification (index=0)
void showPassiveNotification (message, timeout, actionText, callBack)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QtQuick.Item
 childAt (x, real y)
bool contains (point)
 forceActiveFocus ()
 forceActiveFocus (reason)
bool grabToImage (callback, targetSize)
object mapFromGlobal (x, real y)
object mapFromItem (item, point p)
object mapFromItem (item, real x, real y)
object mapFromItem (item, real x, real y, real width, real height)
object mapFromItem (item, rect r)
object mapToGlobal (x, real y)
object mapToItem (item, point p)
object mapToItem (item, real x, real y)
object mapToItem (item, real x, real y, real width, real height)
object mapToItem (item, rect r)
 nextItemInFocusChain (forward)

Detailed Description

An item that provides the features of ApplicationWindow without the window itself.

This allows embedding into a larger application. It's based around the PageRow component that allows adding/removing of pages.

Example usage:

import org.kde.kirigami 2.4 as Kirigami
Kirigami.ApplicationItem {
globalDrawer: Kirigami.GlobalDrawer {
actions: [
Kirigami.Action {
text: "View" "view-list-icons"
Kirigami.Action {
text: "action 1"
Kirigami.Action {
text: "action 2"
Kirigami.Action {
text: "action 3"
Kirigami.Action {
text: "Sync" "folder-sync"
contextDrawer: Kirigami.ContextDrawer {
pageStack.initialPage: Kirigami.Page {
mainAction: Kirigami.Action { "edit"
onTriggered: {
// do stuff
contextualActions: [
Kirigami.Action { "edit"
text: "Action text"
onTriggered: {
// do stuff
Kirigami.Action { "edit"
text: "Action text"
onTriggered: {
// do stuff
// ...

Definition at line 74 of file ApplicationItem.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ pageStack

QtQuick StackView org::kde::kirigami::ApplicationItem::pageStack

This property holds the PageRow used to allocate the pages and manage the transitions between them.

It's using a PageRow, while having the same API as PageStack, it positions the pages as adjacent columns, with as many columns as can fit in the screen. An handheld device would usually have a single fullscreen column, a tablet device would have many tiled columns.

This property is readonly.

Definition at line 88 of file ApplicationItem.qml.

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:
OverlayDrawer contextDrawer
This property holds the drawer for context-dependent actions.
alias pageStack
This property holds the PageRow used to allocate the pages and manage the transitions between them.
OverlayDrawer globalDrawer
This property holds the drawer for global actions.
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