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org::kde::kirigami::Card Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for org::kde::kirigami::Card:


list< QtObject > actions
alias banner
alias hiddenActions
- Properties inherited from org::kde::kirigami::templates::AbstractCard
Item footer
Item header
int headerOrientation
bool showClickFeedback

Detailed Description

This is the standard layout of a Card.

It is recommended to use this class when the concept of Cards is needed in the application. This Card has default items as header and footer. The header is an image that can contain an optional title and icon, accessible via the banner grouped property. The footer will show a series of toolbuttons (and eventual overflow menu) representing the actions list accessible with the list property actions. It is possible even tough is discouraged to override the footer: in this case the actions property shouldn't be used.


Definition at line 26 of file Card.qml.

Property Documentation

list< org::kde::kirigami::Action > org::kde::kirigami::Card::actions

if the card should provide clickable actions, put them in this property, they will be put in the footer as a list of ToolButtons plus an optional overflow menu, when not all of them will fit in the available Card width.

Definition at line 34 of file Card.qml.

Image org::kde::kirigami::Card::banner

Groupped property to control the banner image present in the header, it has the following sub properties:

This property is read-only
  • url source: the source for the image, it understands any url valid for an Image component
  • string title: the title for the banner, shown as contrasting text over the image
  • Qt.Alignment titleAlignment: the alignment of the title inside the image, a combination of flags is supported (default: Qt.AlignTop | Qt.AlignLeft)
  • string titleIcon: the optional icon to put in the banner: it can be either a freedesktop-compatible icon name (recommended) or any url supported by Image
  • titleLevel: The Kirigami Heading level for the title, it controls the font size, default 1
  • titleWrapMode: if the header should be able to do wrapping

It also has the full set of properties a QML Image has, such as sourceSize and fillMode

Definition at line 62 of file Card.qml.

list< org::kde::kirigami::Action > org::kde::kirigami::Card::hiddenActions

This list of actions is for those you always want in the menu, even if there is enough space.


Definition at line 41 of file Card.qml.

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