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org::kde::kirigami::CardsLayout Class Reference
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int maximumColumns
int maximumColumnWidth
int minimumColumnWidth

Detailed Description

A QtQuick.Layouts.GridLayout optimized for showing a couple of columns of cards, depending on the available space.

This should be used when the cards to be displayed, are not instantiated by a model or are instantiated by a model that always has very few items (in the case of a big model, use CardsListView or CardsGridView instead).

The cards are presented in a grid of at least one column, which will remain centered. Note that the layout will automatically add and remove columns depending on the size available.

A CardsLayout should always be contained within a QtQuick.Layouts.ColumnLayout.
org.kde.kirigami 2.4

Definition at line 28 of file CardsLayout.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ maximumColumns

int org::kde::kirigami::CardsLayout::maximumColumns

This property holds the maximum number of columns.

default: 2

org.kde.kirigami 2.5

Definition at line 37 of file CardsLayout.qml.

◆ maximumColumnWidth

int org::kde::kirigami::CardsLayout::maximumColumnWidth

This property holds the maximum width the columns may have.

If the default needs to be overridden for some reason, it is advised to express this unit as a multiple of Kirigami.Units.gridUnit.

default: 20 * Kirigami.Units.gridUnit

Definition at line 47 of file CardsLayout.qml.

◆ minimumColumnWidth

int org::kde::kirigami::CardsLayout::minimumColumnWidth

This property holds the minimum width the columns may have.

default: 12 * Kirigami.Units.gridUnit

org.kde.kirigami 2.5

Definition at line 55 of file CardsLayout.qml.

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