org::kde::kirigami::CardsListView Class Reference

Inherits org::kde::kirigami::CardsListViewPrivate.


alias delegate

Detailed Description

CardsListView is a ListView which can have AbstractCard as its delegate: it will automatically assign the proper spacings and margins around the cards adhering to the design guidelines.

CardsListView should be used only with cards which can look good at any horizontal size, so It is recommended to use directly AbstractCard with an appropriate layout inside, because they are stretching for the whole list width. Therefore is discouraged to use it with the Card type, unless it has Horizontal as headerOrientation. The choice between using this view with AbstractCard or a normal ListView with AbstractListItem/BasicListItem is purely a choice based on aesthetics alone. It is discouraged to tweak the properties of this ListView. ListView


Definition at line 26 of file CardsListView.qml.

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