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org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage:


Flickable flickable
int horizontalScrollBarPolicy
bool keyboardNavigationEnabled
QtObject mainItem
bool refreshing
alias scrollablePageChildren
alias scrollablePageData
bool supportsRefreshing
int verticalScrollBarPolicy
- Properties inherited from org::kde::kirigami::Page
alias actions
alias contextualActions
Flickable flickable
Item globalToolBarItem
int globalToolBarStyle
bool isCurrentPage
alias leftAction
alias mainAction
bool needsAttention
alias overlay
var progress
alias rightAction
Component titleDelegate

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from org::kde::kirigami::Page
void backRequested (var event)
void contextualActionsAboutToShow ()

Detailed Description

ScrollablePage is a Page that holds scrollable content, such as a QtQuick.ListView.

Scrolling and scrolling indicators will be automatically managed.

Example usage:

ScrollablePage {
id: root
// The page will automatically be scrollable
Rectangle {
width: root.width
height: 99999
Do not put a QtQuick.Controls.ScrollView inside of a ScrollablePage; children of a ScrollablePage are already inside a QtQuick.Controls.ScrollView.

Another behavior added by this class is a "scroll down to refresh" behavior It also can give the contents of the flickable to have more top margins in order to make possible to scroll down the list to reach it with the thumb while using the phone with a single hand.

Implementations should handle the refresh themselves as follows

Example usage:

Kirigami.ScrollablePage {
id: view
onRefreshingChanged: {
if (refreshing) {
ListView {
// NOTE: MyModel doesn't come from the components,
// it's purely an example on how it can be used together
// some application logic that can update the list model
// and signals when it's done.
model: MyModel {
onRefreshDone: view.refreshing = false;
delegate: BasicListItem {}

Definition at line 64 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ flickable

Flickable org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage::flickable

This property holds the main Flickable item of this page.

here for compatibility; will be removed in KF6.

Definition at line 89 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

◆ horizontalScrollBarPolicy

Qt::ScrollBarPolicy org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage::horizontalScrollBarPolicy

This property sets the horizontal scrollbar policy.

Definition at line 103 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

◆ keyboardNavigationEnabled

bool org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage::keyboardNavigationEnabled

This property sets whether it is possible to navigate the items in a view that support it.

If true, and if the QtQuick.Flickable is in an item view (e.g. QtQuick.ListView, QtQuick.GridView), it will be possible to navigate the view current items with keyboard up/down arrow buttons. Also, any key event will be forwarded to the current list item.

default: true

Definition at line 125 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

◆ refreshing

bool org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage::refreshing

This property specifies whether the list is asking for a refresh.

This property will automatically be set to true when the user pulls the list down enough, which in return, shows a loading spinner. When this is set to true, it signals the application logic to start its refresh procedure.

default: false

The application itself will have to set back this property to false when done.

Definition at line 78 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

◆ scrollablePageData

alias org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage::scrollablePageData
This is the default property

Definition at line 106 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

◆ supportsRefreshing

bool org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage::supportsRefreshing

This property sets whether scrollable page supports "pull down to refresh" behaviour.

default: false

Definition at line 84 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

◆ verticalScrollBarPolicy

Qt::ScrollBarPolicy org::kde::kirigami::ScrollablePage::verticalScrollBarPolicy

This property sets the vertical scrollbar policy.

Definition at line 98 of file ScrollablePage.qml.

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bool supportsRefreshing
This property sets whether scrollable page supports "pull down to refresh" behaviour.
bool refreshing
This property specifies whether the list is asking for a refresh.
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