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org::kde::kirigami::Theme Class Reference

Inherits QtObject, and BasicThemeDefinition.


color activeBackgroundColor
color activeTextColor
color alternateBackgroundColor
color backgroundColor
color buttonAlternateBackgroundColor
color buttonBackgroundColor
color buttonFocusColor
color buttonHoverColor
color buttonTextColor
list< QtObject > children
color complementaryAlternateBackgroundColor
color complementaryBackgroundColor
color complementaryFocusColor
color complementaryHoverColor
color complementaryTextColor
font defaultFont
color disabledTextColor
color focusColor
color headerAlternateBackgroundColor
color headerBackgroundColor
color headerFocusColor
color headerHoverColor
color headerTextColor
color highlightColor
color highlightedTextColor
color hoverColor
color linkBackgroundColor
color linkColor
color negativeBackgroundColor
color negativeTextColor
color neutralBackgroundColor
color neutralTextColor
color positiveBackgroundColor
color positiveTextColor
color selectionAlternateBackgroundColor
color selectionBackgroundColor
color selectionFocusColor
color selectionHoverColor
color selectionTextColor
color textColor
color tooltipAlternateBackgroundColor
color tooltipBackgroundColor
color tooltipFocusColor
color tooltipHoverColor
color tooltipTextColor
color viewAlternateBackgroundColor
color viewBackgroundColor
color viewFocusColor
color viewHoverColor
color viewTextColor
color visitedLinkBackgroundColor
color visitedLinkColor

Public Member Functions

void __propagateAccentColor (object, color)
void __propagateBackgroundColor (object, color)
void __propagateColorSet (object, context)
void __propagatePrimaryColor (object, color)
void __propagateTextColor (object, color)

Detailed Description

This component is a singleton

Definition at line 13 of file Material/Theme.qml.

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