KJobWindows Namespace Reference


KJOBWIDGETS_EXPORT void setWindow (KJob *job, QWindow *window)
KJOBWIDGETS_EXPORT QWindowwindow (KJob *job)

Detailed Description

KJobWindows namespace.

Function Documentation

◆ setWindow()

void KJobWindows::setWindow ( KJob job,
QWindow window 

Associate this job with a window given by window.

This is used:

  • by KDialogJobUiDelegate as parent widget for error messages
  • by KWidgetJobTracker as parent widget for progress dialogs
  • by KIO::AbstractJobInteractionInterface as parent widget for rename/skip dialogs and possibly more.
  • by KIO::DropJob as parent widget of popup menus. This is required on Wayland to properly position the menu.

Definition at line 49 of file kjobwidgets.cpp.

◆ window()

QWindow * KJobWindows::window ( KJob job)

Return the window associated with this job.


Definition at line 57 of file kjobwidgets.cpp.

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