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 CBinaryLogicalNodeExpr1 && expr2, expr1 || expr2
 CClassInfoClass Information
 CCollectorGarbage collector
 CCompletionCompletion objects are used to convey the return status and value from functions
 CConditionalNodeThe ternary operator, "logical ? expr1 : expr2"
 CCString8 bit char based string class
 CErrorFactory methods for error objects
 CExecStateRepresents the current state of script execution
 CFunctionBodyNodeThis AST node corresponds to the function body or top-level code in the AST, but is used to keep track of much of the information relevant to the whole function, such as parameter names and symbol tables
 CFunctionImpImplementation class for internal Functions
 CHashEntryAn entry in a hash table
 CHashTableA hash table Usually the hashtable is generated by the create_hash_table script, from a .table file
 CIdentifierRepresents an Identifier for a Javascript object
 CInterpreterInterpreter objects can be used to evaluate ECMAScript code
 CJSValueJSValue is the base type for all primitives (Undefined, Null, Boolean, String, Number) and objects in ECMAScript
 CJSWrapperObjectThis class is used as a base for classes such as String, Number, Boolean and Date which which are wrappers for primitive types
 CListNative list type
 CListIteratorIterator for KJS::List objects
 CLookupFast keyword lookup
 CPropertyMapJavascript Property Map
 CThrowerA minimal object that just throws an exception if executed
 CUCharUnicode character
 CUnicodeSupportInterface to set enhanced Unicode support functions
 CUStringUnicode string class
 CKJSArgumentsA class representing a list of JavaScript arguments
 CKJSArrayA class representing a JavaScript array object
 CKJSBooleanA class representing a boolean JavaScript value
 CKJSContextA class representing a JavaScript execution context
 CKJSDateA class representing a JavaScript date object
 CKJSGlobalObjectA class representing a global object of an execution environment
 CKJSInterpreterA class representing a JavaScript interpreter
 CKJSNullA class representing a JavaScript null value
 CKJSNumberA class representing a JavaScript number value
 CKJSObjectA class representing a JavaScript value
 CKJSPrototypeA class representing a JavaScript prototype object
 CKJSResultA class representing the result of a script evaluation
 CKJSStringA class representing a JavaScript string value
 CKJSUndefinedA class representing an undefined JavaScript value
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