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#include <value.h>

Inherits WTFNoncopyable::Noncopyable.

Inherited by KJS::JSCell.

Public Member Functions

bool getBoolean (bool &) const
bool getBoolean () const
JSValuegetByIndex (ExecState *exec, unsigned propertyName) const
bool getNumber (double &) const
double getNumber () const
JSObject * getObject ()
const JSObject * getObject () const
bool getPrimitiveNumber (ExecState *exec, double &number, JSValue *&value)
bool getString (UString &) const
UString getString () const
bool getTruncatedInt32 (int32_t &) const
bool getTruncatedUInt32 (uint32_t &) const
bool getUInt32 (uint32_t &) const
bool implementsCall () const
bool isBoolean () const
bool isNull () const
bool isNumber () const
bool isObject () const
bool isObject (const ClassInfo *) const
bool isString () const
bool isUndefined () const
bool isUndefinedOrNull () const
void mark ()
bool marked () const
bool toBoolean (ExecState *exec) const
float toFloat (ExecState *) const
int32_t toInt32 (ExecState *) const
int32_t toInt32 (ExecState *, bool &ok) const
double toInteger (ExecState *) const
double toIntegerPreserveNaN (ExecState *) const
JSValuetoJSNumber (ExecState *) const
double toNumber (ExecState *exec) const
JSObject * toObject (ExecState *exec) const
JSValuetoPrimitive (ExecState *exec, JSType preferredType=UnspecifiedType) const
UString toString (ExecState *exec) const
uint16_t toUInt16 (ExecState *exec) const
uint32_t toUInt32 (ExecState *) const
uint32_t toUInt32 (ExecState *, bool &ok) const
JSType type () const

Static Public Member Functions

static int32_t toInt32 (double)
static int32_t toInt32SlowCase (double, bool &ok)
static int32_t toUInt32 (double)
static uint32_t toUInt32SlowCase (double, bool &ok)

Detailed Description

JSValue is the base type for all primitives (Undefined, Null, Boolean, String, Number) and objects in ECMAScript.

Note: you should never inherit from JSValue as it is for primitive types only (all of which are provided internally by KJS). Instead, inherit from JSObject.

Definition at line 58 of file value.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool KJS::JSValue::implementsCall ( ) const

Whether or not the value implements the call() method.

If it does, this also implies this is an object, and hence it can be cast to a JSObject and the call method can be invoked

true if this is an object implementing the call() method, otherwise false

Definition at line 557 of file value.h.

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