#include <number_object.h>

Inherits KJS::InternalFunctionImp.

Public Types

enum  {
  NaNValue, NegInfinity, PosInfinity, MaxValue,
  MinValue, MaxSafeInteger, MinSafeInteger, IsFinite,
  IsInteger, IsNaN, IsSafeInteger, ParseInt,

Public Member Functions

 NumberObjectImp (ExecState *exec, FunctionPrototype *funcProto, NumberPrototype *numberProto)
virtual JSValuecallAsFunction (ExecState *exec, JSObject *thisObj, const List &args)
virtual const ClassInfoclassInfo () const
virtual JSObject * construct (ExecState *exec, const List &args)
JSObject * construct (const List &)
Completion execute (const List &)
bool getOwnPropertySlot (ExecState *, const Identifier &, PropertySlot &)
JSValuegetValueProperty (ExecState *exec, int token) const
virtual bool implementsConstruct () const

Static Public Attributes

static const ClassInfo info = {"Function", &InternalFunctionImp::info, &numberTable, nullptr}

Detailed Description

The initial value of the global variable's "Number" property

Definition at line 81 of file number_object.h.

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