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#include <string_object.h>

Inherits KJS::InternalFunctionImp.

Public Types

enum  {
  ToString, ValueOf, CharAt, CharCodeAt,
  Concat, IndexOf, LastIndexOf, Match,
  Replace, Search, Slice, Split,
  Substr, Substring, FromCharCode, ToLowerCase,
  ToUpperCase, ToLocaleLowerCase, ToLocaleUpperCase, Trim,
  LocaleCompare, StartsWith, EndsWith, Includes,
  Repeat, Big, Small, Blink,
  Bold, Fixed, Italics, Strike,
  Sub, Sup, Fontcolor, Fontsize,
  Anchor, Link, TrimLeft, TrimRight

Public Member Functions

 StringProtoFunc (ExecState *exec, int i, int len, const Identifier &)
JSValuecallAsFunction (ExecState *exec, JSObject *thisObj, const List &args) override

Static Public Member Functions

static void setToLowerFunction (UnicodeSupport::StringConversionFunction f)
static void setToUpperFunction (UnicodeSupport::StringConversionFunction f)

Detailed Description

Class to implement all methods that are properties of the String.prototype object

Definition at line 101 of file string_object.h.

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