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KJS::UString Member List

This is the complete list of members for KJS::UString, including all inherited members.

append(const UString &subStr, int subPos, int subLength=-1)KJS::UString
append(const UString &t) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
append(const char *t) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
append(const char *t, int tSize) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
append(unsigned short) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
append(char c) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringinline
append(UChar c) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringinline
ascii() constKJS::UString
copyForWriting() (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
cost() const (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringinline
cstring() constKJS::UString
data() constKJS::UStringinline
domString() constKJS::UString
Empty enum nameKJS::UString
empty enum value (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
equal(const UString::Rep *a, const UString::Rep *b) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringstatic
find(const UString &f, int pos=0) constKJS::UString
find(UChar, int pos=0) const (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
from(int i)KJS::UStringstatic
from(unsigned int u)KJS::UStringstatic
from(long u)KJS::UStringstatic
from(double d)KJS::UStringstatic
is8Bit() constKJS::UString
isEmpty() constKJS::UStringinline
isNull() constKJS::UStringinline
operator+=(const UString &s)KJS::UStringinline
operator+=(const char *s) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringinline
operator=(const UString &s) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringinline
operator=(const char *c)KJS::UString
operator=(Empty) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
operator== (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringfriend
operator[](int pos) constKJS::UString
qconststring() constKJS::UString
qstring() constKJS::UString
rep() const (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringinline
rfind(const UString &f, int pos) constKJS::UString
rfind(UChar, int pos) const (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
size() constKJS::UStringinline
spliceSubstringsWithSeparators(const Range *substringRanges, int rangeCount, const UString *separators, int separatorCount) const (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
substr(int pos=0, int len=-1) constKJS::UString
toArrayIndex(bool *ok=nullptr) constKJS::UStringinline
toDouble(bool tolerateTrailingJunk, bool tolerateEmptyString) constKJS::UString
toDouble(bool tolerateTrailingJunk) const (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
toDouble() const (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
toStrictUInt32(bool *ok=nullptr) constKJS::UString
UString(Empty) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
UString(char c)KJS::UStringexplicit
UString(const char *c)KJS::UString
UString(const char *c, size_t length) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
UString(const UChar *c, int length)KJS::UString
UString(UChar *c, int length, bool copy)KJS::UString
UString(const UString &s)KJS::UStringinline
UString(const Vector< UChar > &buffer) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UString
UString(const QString &)KJS::UString
UString(const DOM::DOMString &)KJS::UString
UString(const UString &, const UString &)KJS::UString
UString(PassRefPtr< Rep > r) (defined in KJS::UString)KJS::UStringinline
UTF8String() constKJS::UString
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