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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CKJS::BinaryLogicalNodeExpr1 && expr2, expr1 || expr2
 CKJS::ClassInfoClass Information
 CKJS::CollectorGarbage collector
 CKJS::CompletionCompletion objects are used to convey the return status and value from functions
 CKJS::ConditionalNodeThe ternary operator, "logical ? expr1 : expr2"
 CKJS::CString8 bit char based string class
 CKJS::ErrorFactory methods for error objects
 CKJS::ExecStateRepresents the current state of script execution
 CKJS::FunctionBodyNodeThis AST node corresponds to the function body or top-level code in the AST, but is used to keep track of much of the information relevant to the whole function, such as parameter names and symbol tables
 CKJS::FunctionImpImplementation class for internal Functions
 CKJS::HashEntryAn entry in a hash table
 CKJS::HashTableA hash table Usually the hashtable is generated by the create_hash_table script, from a .table file
 CKJS::IdentifierRepresents an Identifier for a Javascript object
 CKJS::InterpreterInterpreter objects can be used to evaluate ECMAScript code
 CKJS::JSValueJSValue is the base type for all primitives (Undefined, Null, Boolean, String, Number) and objects in ECMAScript
 CKJS::JSWrapperObjectThis class is used as a base for classes such as String, Number, Boolean and Date which which are wrappers for primitive types
 CKJSArgumentsA class representing a list of JavaScript arguments
 CKJSContextA class representing a JavaScript execution context
 CKJSInterpreterA class representing a JavaScript interpreter
 CKJSObjectA class representing a JavaScript value
 CKJSArrayA class representing a JavaScript array object
 CKJSBooleanA class representing a boolean JavaScript value
 CKJSDateA class representing a JavaScript date object
 CKJSGlobalObjectA class representing a global object of an execution environment
 CKJSNullA class representing a JavaScript null value
 CKJSNumberA class representing a JavaScript number value
 CKJSStringA class representing a JavaScript string value
 CKJSUndefinedA class representing an undefined JavaScript value
 CKJSPrototypeA class representing a JavaScript prototype object
 CKJSResultA class representing the result of a script evaluation
 CKJS::ListNative list type
 CKJS::ListIteratorIterator for KJS::List objects
 CKJS::LookupFast keyword lookup
 CKJS::PropertyMapJavascript Property Map
 CKJS::ThrowerA minimal object that just throws an exception if executed
 CKJS::UCharUnicode character
 CKJS::UnicodeSupportInterface to set enhanced Unicode support functions
 CKJS::UStringUnicode string class
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