Interface for media player KParts


KMediaPlayer builds on the KParts framework to provide a common interface for KParts that can play media files.

This framework is a porting aid. It is not recommended for new projects, and existing projects that use it are advised to port away from it, and use plain KParts instead.


If you are using CMake, you need to have

find_package(KF5MediaPlayer NO_MODULE)

(or similar) in your CMakeLists.txt file, and you need to link any target that uses KMediaPlayer against KF5::MediaPlayer.

A KPart that wishes to implement this interface must inherit KMediaPlayer::Player, and indicate in the desktop file that it provides the KMediaPlayer/Engine service. It may also provide a user interface (by implementing KMediaPlayer::View), and indicate this by listing the KMediaPlayer/Player service in the desktop file.

Code needing to make use of this interface can search for relevant KParts with

KService::List offers =

if the GUI is required, or

KService::List offers =

if not. After checking to see if any services were returned, one can be instantiated with

KPluginFactory *factory = KPluginLoader(offers.first()).factory();
if (factory) {
    KMediaPlayer::Player part = factory->create<KMediaPlayer::Player>(this);
    // use the part
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