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KMoreToolsMenuBuilder Class Reference

#include <kmoretools.h>

Public Member Functions

 KMoreToolsMenuBuilder (const KMoreToolsMenuBuilder &)=delete
KMoreToolsMenuItemaddMenuItem (KMoreToolsService *registeredService, KMoreTools::MenuSection defaultLocation=KMoreTools::MenuSection_Main)
KMoreToolsMenuItemaddMenuItem (QAction *action, const QString &itemId, KMoreTools::MenuSection defaultLocation=KMoreTools::MenuSection_Main)
void buildByAppendingToMenu (QMenu *menu, KMoreTools::ConfigureDialogAccessibleSetting configureDialogAccessibleSetting=KMoreTools::ConfigureDialogAccessible_Always, QMenu **outMoreMenu=nullptr)
void clear ()
KMoreToolsMenuBuilderoperator= (const KMoreToolsMenuBuilder &)=delete
void setInitialItemTextTemplate (const QString &templateText)

Detailed Description

Define how the default structure of the menu should look like.

Depending on if the added service is installed or not a "Not installed" section will be automatically added to the generated menu.


Definition at line 531 of file kmoretools.h.

Member Function Documentation

KMoreToolsMenuItem * KMoreToolsMenuBuilder::addMenuItem ( KMoreToolsService registeredService,
KMoreTools::MenuSection  defaultLocation = KMoreTools::MenuSection_Main 

Adds a registered service (which can installed or not) to the menu.

If the service is not installed it will be shown in the "Not installed" section.

registeredServicewill be added to a the menu. A unique menu itemId will be generated automatically from the desktopEntryName. See also KMoreToolsMenuItem::id().
defaultLocationis KMoreTools::MenuSection_Main by default.

The registeredService->isInstalled() result will be respected. E.g. if the service is not installed it will be placed in the "Not installed" section in the more location of the menu even if defaultLocation was main location.

See also KMoreToolsMenuItem ctor

See also

Definition at line 564 of file kmoretools.cpp.

KMoreToolsMenuItem * KMoreToolsMenuBuilder::addMenuItem ( QAction action,
const QString itemId,
KMoreTools::MenuSection  defaultLocation = KMoreTools::MenuSection_Main 

Adds an action to the menu which is created and managed by the caller.

actionto be added to the menu.
itemIdis a unique (for this menu) id for the item. The itemId may be not unique. Then a unique id is generated automatically by using some postfix. But it is better if you specify something sensible because the itemId is used to find the items in the user config. Otherwise the user config can be messed up if the order or number of default menu items changes. NOTE, that the QAction::text is NOT used to generate the unique id because the text is translated and therefore not stable.
See also

Definition at line 572 of file kmoretools.cpp.

void KMoreToolsMenuBuilder::buildByAppendingToMenu ( QMenu menu,
KMoreTools::ConfigureDialogAccessibleSetting  configureDialogAccessibleSetting = KMoreTools::ConfigureDialogAccessible_Always,
QMenu **  outMoreMenu = nullptr 

Builds the actual menu and appends all items (main items, more submenu with a potential "not installed" section) to the menu.

menuthe menu where the items should be appended to
configureDialogAccessibleSettingdetermines when the "Configure..." menu item should be added to the menu
moreMenuif not nullptr then it will be set to the pointer to the "More" menu in case it was created. Otherwise the pointer will set to nullptr. This can be used to add some custom items to the menu.

Definition at line 611 of file kmoretools.cpp.

void KMoreToolsMenuBuilder::clear ( )

Clears all added menu items.

This can be useful if the menuBuilder is reused more than once.

See also

Definition at line 579 of file kmoretools.cpp.

void KMoreToolsMenuBuilder::setInitialItemTextTemplate ( const QString templateText)

Affects addMenuItem() if called before it.

see KMoreToolsService::formatString, see KMoreToolsMenuItem::setInitialItemText

The default template text is "$GenericName".

Definition at line 559 of file kmoretools.cpp.

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