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KMoreToolsPresets Class Reference

#include <kmoretoolspresets.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static KMoreToolsServiceregisterServiceByDesktopEntryName (KMoreTools *kmt, const QString &desktopEntryName)
static QList< KMoreToolsService * > registerServicesByGroupingNames (KMoreTools *kmt, const QStringList &groupingNames)

Detailed Description

Provides static methods to make use of desktop files provided by KMoreTools.

registerServiceByDesktopEntryName creates a KMoreToolsService instance from a given desktopEntryName.

registerServicesByGroupingNames takes a list of a set of predefined grouping names and returns a list KMoreToolsService instances. Remember, a KMoreToolsService represents a service which might or might not be installed on the current machine.

The groupings defined here are used for the KMoreToolsMenuFactory.

(todo later: Probably it would make sense to move the methods of this class to KMoreToolsMenuFactory because grouping names and special handling are too much coupled anyway.)


Definition at line 38 of file kmoretoolspresets.h.

Member Function Documentation

KMoreToolsService * KMoreToolsPresets::registerServiceByDesktopEntryName ( KMoreTools kmt,
const QString desktopEntryName 

Registers a service who's kmt-desktopfile is provided by the KMoreTools library itself (see directory kmoretools-desktopfiles).

If the kmt-desktopfile is missing the service is still created but with no translations and icon if the service is not installed.

Associates a homepage URL because a regular .desktop file has got no field for this information.

Adds some corrections to faulty upstream .desktop files. Corrected desktop filenames end with .kmt-edition.desktop.

todo: how to avoid the "Do you trust this program?" question when a non-installed kmt-edition desktopfile is used but the program is installed? Possible solution: install all .kmt-edition files to proper desktop file location.

the added KMoreToolsService

Definition at line 37 of file kmoretoolspresets.cpp.

QList< KMoreToolsService * > KMoreToolsPresets::registerServicesByGroupingNames ( KMoreTools kmt,
const QStringList groupingNames 
an ordered list of KMoreToolsService instances. The most popular or recommended tools will be listed first.

Available grouping names (listed in alphabetical order):

  • "disk-usage" Disk usage tools as currently used in dolphin. Some take 1 URL argument pointing to a directory.
  • "disk-partitions" Disk partition tools as currently used in dolphin.
  • "files-find" Tools to find files on disk. You can specify 1 URL argument that points to the directory where the search should be started.
  • "font-tools" (since 5.37.0) Tools to manage and analyze fonts.
  • "git-clients-for-folder" Collection of git clients which all take 1 URL argument pointing to a directory within a git repository. It may not be the git repo's root dir. e.g. "file:///home/user1/dev/kf5/src/frameworks/knewstuff/data/"
  • "git-clients-and-actions" Git clients and actions (e.g. View History for a specific file) to be used in a file tree context menu (e.g. in kate's project plugin). 1 URL argument can be provided that points to a directory or a file within a git repository. e.g. "file:///home/user1/dev/knewstuff/data/" e.g. "file:///home/user1/dev/knewstuff/data/CMakeLists.txt"
  • "icon-browser" Browse for icons on your system (e.g. those under /usr/share/icons).
  • "language-dictionary" (since 5.37.0) Language dictionaries for translation
  • "mouse-tools" (since 5.37.0) Tools related to the mouse pointer device.
  • "screenrecorder" (since 5.37.0) Record screen contents to a video file (including animated gif).
  • "screenshot-take" Tools for taking and maybe also editing screenshots.
  • "system-monitor-processes" Tools to monitor the running processes on the system.
  • "system-monitor-logs" Tools to view system logs.
  • "time-countdown" Tools for counting down the time and maybe trigger custom a action.

For URL arguments see also QUrl::fromLocalFile.

Services which are present in more than one grouping are only added once to the resulting list.

Definition at line 114 of file kmoretoolspresets.cpp.

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